The gaming industry has been growing in popularity for a number of years. Whether offline or online, on a console, a PC or a mobile device - all sectors are currently benefiting from the growing number of gamers. Constantly new game ideas and constantly improving technologies make gaming an increasingly attractive hobby, even for casual gamers. But what changes will the industry expect in the next few years? And above all: how long will the boom in video games and Co. continue?

From a niche to a hobby for everyone

It already seems that gaming has developed from a very special hobby for nerds to a pastime for everyone. This is also due to the fact that gambling has now become so easy. Where you needed extra equipment in the past, games can now be downloaded for free onto your smartphone and you can start playing. The gaming equipment for certain games is of course still available, but now in a better quality than a few years ago.

What is particularly interesting is the shift that can be seen with regard to the Demographics of the players. Gamers in Germany are getting older and older: While the average age was 2014 in 31, it rose to 2019 in 36. And the selection of games is growing all the time. While games like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto on the Playstation are more likely to be played by young players, games on the PC or smartphone are included NetBet online sports betting Germany or NetBet Germany online casino interesting for several generations of gamers.

new technologies

The advancing technologies not only ensure more interesting games with better graphics and more exciting storytelling. This creates completely new types of gaming. A new trend that is already in the starting blocks is virtual reality (VR). And while VR glasses are still novel devices for many people that are not suitable for home use, game manufacturers are getting ready for the rush that is expected soon for glasses.

With technologies such as virtual reality, game developers have all doors open to new innovations. With VR glasses, the player is in the middle of the game. The manufacturers can come up with completely new fantasy worlds in which the player can immerse himself deeply. That makes playing with VR glasses even more exciting than gaming on a smartphone or PC.

The future is online

That too Cloud-Gaming is considered a hot trend in the gaming industry. This form of gaming works in a similar way to streaming movies. The game and its data are on online servers; this has some advantages for gamers. This enables the player to play a high quality game even with inferior equipment. And gaming on the go is no longer a problem - the data you need can all be found online in the cloud. The only requirement for an excellent gaming experience is an excellent internet connection.

This gives players even more options and freedom when gambling. You are not tied to one place or time and you can also play on a wide variety of devices. In any case, we are eagerly following the further development!