Once a season, C-stars compete in the Australian jungle for the most embarrassing TV appearance of the year. When two hyperactive moderators yell "I'm a star – get me out of here!" into the camera, even RTL ignoramuses know: damn it. It's time for the jungle camp again. Let's not lose so many words: Here is the short review of the card game.

I'm (not) a star - get me out of here!

The trashy TV show with some just as trashy participants has many fans around the world. As with every show from the “meat inspection” section, the grand finale of the jungle camp is followed by the long-awaited broadcast break. Fans then return to the real world and must survive until the next season. There are all kinds of merchandising items, including a deck of cards.

Two to six players, ages 8 and up, collect stars, just like their prominent TV idols. All it takes is skill and a good eye. The rules of the game are simple. In turn, cards are revealed. If the cards are doubled, the player who places his hand on the jungle camp the fastest wins a point. Speed ​​is everything: Walter, the Body, would love to play this fast game. If you like pictures of animals and insects, you will love this game. All others are probably hopelessly under-challenged. Even watching the TV show is cognitively more challenging. It's a shame, because with a little creativity, the jungle camp game could even have turned into an exciting card game concept. Even the C-celebrities in the camp had to nibble hard at the card game and would willingly bite into every camel's penis.

Where Tanja prefers lamb instead of chicken and Rolfe pees half the jungle, at least a successful basic entertainment is created by being ashamed of others. This does not want to appear in the card game version. Maybe the jungle camp card game is good as a drinking game: everyone except the lap winner drinks a tequila with worm. After five rounds, fun is guaranteed and Walter on TV is also much more tolerable.

Patricia Blanco was the first to go - at least according to the regular rules of the show. First of all, I need a refreshing vomit drink. Bottom up!


Number of players: 2 to 6 players
Age: from 8 years
Playing time: 10 to 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: low

Publisher: RTL
Year of publication: 2014 
Language: German
Cost: 39 Euro


In a nutshell: I'm not a star, I can't take it anymore!