The multiplayer video game Breach will be released on January 17 as "Early Access" on Valve's gaming platform Steam. The title is being developed by industry veterans who have worked on popular Triple A games in the past.

Breach soon in Early Access

QC Games has announced that Breach will be available on January 17th as part of the so-called Early Access on the Steam gaming platform.

Backers must invest as little as $ 24,99 to get this
to test the early game version. Those who pre-order will receive additional bonus content, such as sprays, dance emotes or a digital art book for the game.

Breach is a multiplayer mix that is playfully reminiscent of a game of Pen & Paper. While one player slips into the role of the "Dungeon Master" to prepare rooms with traps and create monsters, the other players follow in the footsteps of the heroes to put an end to the nasty master demon.

"With Breach, we want to mix the best elements from popular genres into one multiplayer action," said Dallas Dickinson, CEO of QC Games, commenting on the idea behind the title.

Following the paid early access phase, Breach will appear as a free 2019-play game in the course of 2. More information about the game is also available on the official website at

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