While the weather is currently experiencing summery temperatures, there is a board game novelty from Kosmos that provides thematic cooling. In the series of the Kennerspiel des Jahres winners from 2013, the novelty is now the fourth "big" box. What actually ended in 2016 with "The Last Hope" is now continuing. Borrowings from big fantasy series like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings are obvious.

The popular board game series The Legends of Andor continues to enjoy great popularity. In 2016, the trilogy came to an end with The Last Hope. That's what people thought. In the meantime, some expansions have appeared, but a new "big" game was not to be expected. Then on Sunday the surprise: Author Michael Menzel supplies supplies. That as "Beginning of a new eraThe announced game takes the players into an icy Andor world.

The Eternal Cold - The beginning of a new era

The novelty at Kosmos offers all fans and newcomers four new legends. The country suffers from an unnatural cold. In the legends, the teams of heroes embark on an exciting journey to a foreign land beyond the mountains. The new double-sided game board offers loyal allies and unexpected dangers await the players. The story reveals who is behind the magical menace of The Cold Cold.

The "new era" will begin in autumn 2022. An appearance at SPIEL seems very likely here. The Cold Cold will be a standalone game set in the world of Andor, requiring no material from other games in the series. With the game being advertised as "the beginning of a new era", it's safe to assume that Cold Cold will be followed by more titles in the form of expansions or as part of a new Andor series. However, nothing is officially known about this.

The new release will be an anniversary for the Andor brand. After the debut in 2012, Michael Menzel and Kosmos are celebrating ten years of Andor - it remains to be seen whether this will also officially happen as part of the release. In any case, the number of celebrations is there.

And something else comes to mind: the theme of snowy fantasy worlds. The parallels to the hit series Game of Thrones seem obvious. A landscape of ice, a fortress in the middle, all surrounded by high cliffs. Distribute caves, camps and barren forests on the game board. Winter is coming - or the "eternal cold". She's already there.

In 2019, the finale of the HBO hit series flickered across the screens in Germany. Riding the frosty wave would be smart at least. And so it would hardly be surprising to find in The Legends of Andor: The Cold Cold the odd resemblance to Game of Thrones, the heroes of the series, or the Wanderers. As in the TV series or George RR Martin's novel, The Legends of Andor takes place in a kind of European Middle Ages. Apparently this time where there is a lot of snow falling in the Andor universe. One thing is obvious: the game board is a completely new one. The landscapes there reflect the beginning of the new era. Will the events take place in the north? Possible, maybe logical, but players already ended up there in the second part of the Andor trilogy with the subtitle “Journey to the North”. There was no snow there, not even much land, but water instead. Maybe you didn't think of Game of Thrones at all and instead jumped on The Lord of the Rings: the neighboring mountains also offer around 900 miles of the perfect playground for adventures in the ice.

However, the fact seems to be that The Eternal Cold is also connected to the content that has been published so far and thus to the story. The cover gives clues: This is probably how Tenaya is seen; Kram, the dwarf from the deep mines, and Thorn and Eara.

So far it is unclear whether the New Heroes supplement can also be used for the new beginning. With it you could play The Legends of Andor with five to six players. The trick would be consistent, but there might be conceptual reasons against it. Here it is for fans: wait and see.

The novelty The Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal recommended for 2 to 4 people aged 10 and over. The playing time is also given as usual with 60 to 90 minutes.


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