The board game for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Modiphius Entertainment has cracked the mark of one million US dollars with the crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. 

In euros, the crowdfunding campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is currently around 950.000 euros. If there are more than two weeks left, the project is likely to crack the one million euro mark. Once the threshold of the equivalent of 800.000 pounds has been exceeded, the supporters have activated an additional game mode for the adventure board game.

Free Roam lets players complete side quests

Reaching any stretch goals is worthwhile for backers, but the "Free Roam Modes" are particularly interesting with reference to the video game template. A new set of rules now grants players the opportunity to also fulfill side quests, to discover the regions and thus to act outside of the main campaign. This brings the board game much closer to Skyrim as a digital game - after all, the main story was only a small part of the overall experience there.

But that's not all: The board game for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can now be played with up to eight players. This is ensured by an expansion box that enables play with five to eight players.

In any case, the adventure board game is constantly adding content, including new content for the "From the Ahses" expansion box that comes with the game on the £140,00 gameplay tier. For example, there are alternative character miniatures, such as male Nord or Dunmer or female Khajit or Argonians. Mini-campaigns and a skirmish mode provide additional play value. According to Modiphius Entertainment, it shouldn't have been. The publisher has announced that further stretch goals are planned. The will be necessary to continue new Campaign supporters to generate, because there is a little more than two weeks left.

In any case, the American YouTubers are once again very excited: "Very, very impressive game," sums up Rahdo. Mark Steed from The Dice Tower sees a video game feel.

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