The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim got off to a good start: As the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment reports, the board game was financed in less than half an hour via crowdfunding on the Gamefound platform. Over 3.000 fans are already participating and have pumped amounts between 80 and 190 euros into the project. The campaign runs until December 5th.

In view of the popular model, there was no doubt as to its success. Modiphius Entertainment has already generated almost 600.000 euros for the campaign launch of the board game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - and it should be a few euros more, because it will run for around a month Crowdfunding on the Gamefound platform still.

Skyrim board game: solo mode or cooperative

Quests lead 1 to 4 players through Skyrim - some in short side quests, others in interconnected storylines that change with your decisions and with your successes or failures. A game lasts around 90 minutes - or longer - during which players get hold of weapons, armor and spells, get hold of treasures, or collect experience points and hire followers for the adventure.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game, the original title of the board game, contains two major story campaigns, each consisting of three chapters. "Each chapter can change depending on your decisions, by following your own quests in the main story or meeting up for important events and exploring dungeons together," explains Modiphius about the game idea. Both the character development and the story can be "saved" at the end of a chapter or even during the game in order to be able to start right there in a future game.

"Skyrim is one of the most iconic video games of all time," said Chris Birch, CCO and co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment. "That made developing a board game based on Skyrim, with all its depth of storytelling, a really exciting challenge."

The process ran for over three years - mostly quietly, because Modiphius worked in secret on the implementation of the board game. The board game should appeal to The Elder Scrolls fans and board game enthusiasts alike.

In any case, the original is recognizable: you come across familiar faces as you go along, such as the Khajit, High Elves or Nord. In addition, according to Modiphius Entertainment, the board game with the miniature tabletop for The Elder Scrolls, Call to arms, compatible. The pieces can be used in the board game - and vice versa. The designers capture the feel of the template through heaps of loot, among other things: You can get improvements, equipment and equip the characters with magic. You can play in a solo mode or a cooperative setup.

Each chapter should last 90 to 120 minutes. According to Modiphius, a first run should last around twelve hours without side quests – little compared to the video game template, with which players could spend hundreds of hours, but the scope of the campaign is quite generous for a board game. Mdiphius then comes full circle to the video game: "Thanks to a wealth of story options, character options and play styles, there are practically hundreds of hours of content to be uncovered in the subsequent passes," it says. Modiphius is planning the delivery of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game for the summer of 2022, with “fulfillment” scheduled for August 2022. A demo can be played via Tabletopia.

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