The debut trailer for “The Dungeon Experience” was released recently. The indie game, which is still under development, should not only cause lots of laughs, but also as a first-person dungeon crawler for exciting hours in front of the PC. Responsible for is the collaboration between the creators Simon Boxer, the head behind the rogue-like card crawler “Ring of Pain”, and Jacob Janerka, the gamers through his humorous indie adventure “Paradigm ” is already known.

But now the creative game makers are adding a bit of weird humor on top of that by taking the players of “The Dungeon Experience” through their dungeon theme park with an ordinary level 1 crab, which many should already be familiar with from the video game “Skyrim” . You read that right! A mud crab is the boss here.

Surreal amusement park dungeon with biting humor

If you are looking for a release date for “The Dungeon Experience”, you will come across the following point in time on the Steam gaming platform: “Upon the four moons of Xogris align and the Messiah Khidrius returns.” And the humor that has grown together also settles in the video game description continues. In which the players are prepared for a two-hour introductory tour, which will, however, be asbestos-free with the greatest possible certainty and the physical well-being is also taken care of: There is enough crab juice for everyone! Not your favorite drink? Well, you have agreed to the mandatory enjoyment upon entering the first-person dungeon crawler.

The video game is supposed to take you on a journey to a surreal amusement park dungeon, which is led by a mud crab. Here bizarre NPCs are waiting for gamers. The trailer shows us the "Table Man", an employee of the park, who remains on all fours under a table top and insists on being seen as an object when interacting.


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Interactions with the game world seem to play one of the main roles in “The Dungeon Experience”. It doesn't matter if it's the ones with objects or dialogues with one of the unusual non-player characters. In this bizarre theme park, players explore a comedy-style dungeon while trying to stop the corruption that ruled the park and spread the great Elimosphere. In addition, in the debut trailer it seems as if some simple quests have to be completed in addition to the dialogue puzzles.

In summary, the indie game “The Dungeon Experience” seems to be a colorful first-person dungeon crawler in the RPG style, which contains a lot of snappy humor and is second to none.


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