Two new projects have started in the game forge. Six projects are currently running. One of the innovations has already achieved its goal. The two most recently presented projects are close to or just behind the 100% of the funding target.

Merchants of the Dark Road has already achieved its goal with currently 105% and interested blacksmiths still have 18 days to support the project. Tales are real, which was also presented in the last update, has currently reached 93% of the funding goal and will run in the forge for four more days. A new title was launched by Kobold Spieleverlag, which is releasing a game by British publisher Birdwood Games in German, and a title by Spielworxx.

Dog Park: Walk your favorite dogs

Dog Park, in the English original by Birdwood Games also a crowdfunding project that had already reached its goal after 45 minutes, is now published in German by Kobold Spieleverlag. The project in the game forge started recently and is already almost 40% financed. The financing period also runs for another 33 days.

As a dog companion with a dog hotel, your goal is to gain the most affection from your four-legged friends and become the "darling of the pack". A lot of Dog Park consists of four rounds, each of which consists of four phases. In the admission phase, you compete in two bidding phases for the most popular dogs on the meadow. There are a total of 163 unique dog cards to choose from in the game. The two extensions Famous Dogs and European dogs together bring almost 60 dogs into play.

In the leash phase, you choose which dogs are allowed into the park with you. During the Walk Phase, everyone walks through the park. Try to make discoveries and increase the affection of your dogs. The right running pace is crucial here. If you are too fast, you will miss important resources. If you are too slow, you lose the important affection of your impatient four-legged friends. In the last phase, the time at home, you gain or lose the affection of your exercised and unexercised dogs. You are preparing for the next walk. The next weather forecast will be turned around and the new discoveries will be distributed in the park.

Dog Park is recommended for 1-4 dog lovers aged 10 and over. Going for a walk takes between 40 and 80 minutes, so in the end not only the dogs deserve a treat.

London Necropolis Railway: Take the dead to the graveyard

And another project is currently running as a crowdfunding campaign in the game company: London Necropolis Railway. In this Daniel Newman game you take on the task of building a new cemetery outside of the city during the cholera epidemic in London in 1849 and organizing the transport of the dead and their relatives there by train. It is based on a historic train line that operated from 1854 to 1942.

In each round you choose a card and take the two corresponding action tiles. Then one to three of the actions on the card can be activated by spending tiles of the appropriate color. This will improve the London Terminus (railway building), Brookwood Necropolis (cemetery) and the railway that connects the two.

Everyone has to manage their money and staff and make sure to keep up with the improvements in each stage. In addition, action discs can be spent to improve the prestige of the system in order to get more points for the improvements in London.

The challenging strategy game is recommended for 2-4 players aged 12 and over and lasts 45 to 60 minutes. A few days after the start, the project is already more than 100% financed. If you are interested, you can of course still support the project and have 25 days to do so.


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