The previously announced and free Season 3.5 of the multiplayer shooter has been released for The Cycle by the Berlin studio Yager. This is to reward the players for their understanding of the pandemic-related postponement of season 4. With the new update, some new game content appears in the space game. In addition, fans can look forward to a lavish Christmas event that brings with it a lot of snow flurries and two winter assignments.

The free multiplayer space shooter The Cycle combines PvE with PvP content. The players try in action-packed matches, in a time window of 20 minutes per game, to win more orders than the opposing unit. Last but not least, the heroes should leave the planet and the game round as alive as possible.

Shooter action solo, in a duo or as a team

On the way to victory you have to overcome spacey hurdles, defeat opponents and eradicate monsters and beasts. If you then still complete most of the jobs and escape a deadly storm, you are very close to the big hit. The resources collected during the matches can then be used for improvements such as weapon upgrades. The Cycle can be played solo and as a multiplayer game with friends or strangers. The live game is regularly expanded with updates and offers its players an active community. The Yager development team attaches great importance to direct contact with its players in order to continuously develop The Cycle, oriented towards the needs of the community. A specially set up Discord server is available for this purpose.

The released Season 3.5 of The Cycle contains 50 new levels in the Fortuna Pass, new game content and exclusive rewards. Also part of the party are a vehicle for reaching the 150th level, new outfits for the prospectors as well as sprays, banners, head variations, weapon skins and emotes. Overall, with the new season, players can look forward to three complete prospector outfits that are waiting to be used extensively in the matches. In addition, a novelty of season 3.5 is that some melee weapons and exclusive 3D banners have been equipped with sound effects by the development team.

Season 3.5 and the Christmas event bring many innovations

From December 21st to January 11th, 2021, the space shooter will become a winter wonderland as part of a Christmas event. Here, players can expect snow-covered maps and a space station decorated for Christmas. During the event period, players can unlock three unlock levels with five unlockable rewards. Items like banners and sprays are waving here. Two Christmas assignments ensure fun, in which the players have to collect gifts and deliver them on a moving train, and on the other hand, they have to fulfill a hunting assignment in which special monsters drop cuddly toys that need to be picked up. The missions give players points that gradually unlock event rewards.

Season 3.5 of The Cycle contains loads of new items, levels and skins. Image: Yared

The current season 3.5 of the video game The Cycle contains lots of new items, levels and skins. Image: Yared

During the Christmas event, the "Most Popular Pack" can be purchased in the The Cycle shop at a discount of 40 percent. The pack is more of interest to inexperienced players and, as the name might suggest, contains the most popular in-game purchases of the shooter's players. Included are: The Masked Stranger character, the Radiant PDW weapon skin, and the Ceremony Blade melee weapon.

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