The final closed beta for YAGER's survival shooter The Cycle: Frontier has started on Steam and in the Epic Games Store for PC and is directly marked by success: The developers refer to the number of players. They are in the hundreds of thousands. 

After the first closed beta, which saw almost 350.000 players put the game through its paces, The Cycle: Frontier is currently the most wish-listed free-to-play game on Steam, according to Yager. From now on, players will experience a unique blend of PvE, PvP and co-op multiplayer gameplay with seamless matchmaking in a continuous, beautiful sci-fi game world where every action can have massive consequences - from now until the end of the closed beta on April 4th.

The Cycle: New Features

The Cycle: Frontier is a free to play, suspense-packed FPS shooter that blends PvE and PvP. The goal is to complete quests on a deserted planet while defending yourself from hostile creatures and armed opponents.

But be careful: resources and mission objectives can only be kept if the players leave the planet alive. The resources gained can be used for weapon upgrades and other improvements that will positively affect future drops. The Cycle: Frontier offers a competitive multiplayer experience, meaning whether it's solo, in a squad with friends, or in alliances with strangers, The Cycle: Frontier offers the ultimate survival game for all players.

In the second and final closed beta of The Cycle: Frontier, players will be able to try out new and improved features, including:

  • New faction campaigns: Three new faction campaigns guide players through their first steps in the game while unlocking valuable new gear and insight into the history of The Cycle: Frontier get.
  • New In-Match Activities: Fortuna III becomes even more dangerous. With the new and improved Laser Drill and Oil Pumps, players can look forward to maximum profit! But be careful, these conspicuous activities attract a lot of enemies, so the prey must be defended to the death!
  • New monster types: The familiar fauna returns with some (deadly) surprises. New creature types offer even greater challenges and rewards for those brave enough to face them.
  • New map design: Both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls have been redesigned for better navigation. In addition, the graphics have been enhanced to find the perfect balance between the impending danger and the breathtaking beauty of Fortuna III.
  • New improvements: Combat balance, enemy AI, loot, and tutorials have all been improved, as has audio-visual feedback. Other improvements and bug fixes were also implemented based on community feedback.

Players can now say: Welcome to Fortuna III, a treacherous world of otherworldly beauty, where the stakes are high and the rewards are enormous. Operation on Fortuna III is extremely dangerous, as the loot found on the planet must be defended against any kind of danger. Once you die, all gear and loot remain behind.

Mistakes are quickly punished and costly, but every loss is a lesson to be learned and improved upon. Players must beware of bloodthirsty beasts, a deadly radioactive storm, and other greedy players armed to the teeth. The planet can be entered alone or with up to two other friends, but with a bit of luck and a good sense of negotiation, alliances with strangers can also arise.

At the home base, the Prospect Station, the resources gained can be used to upgrade equipment or buy new equipment. Reputation with the factions can also be increased here to unlock completely new combat options and unlock suitable equipment for the next mission.

The next surface mission is just a few clicks away, and with progressive maps and near-instant matchmaking, there's always time for another drop to planet Fortuna III.


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