After more than 12 months of development, the Berlin studio YAGER announces the start of the closed beta of the FPS shooter The Cycle: Frontier on September 30th. Due to the extensive gameplay changes, the survival shooter gains a lot of playful depth and now lets the strategic skill of the player decide whether to win or lose in the eternal cycle of The Cycle: Frontier.

The unique tension between co-op and PvP is particularly appealing, in which players decide for themselves at any time how much risk they want to take. Every action and decision has massive consequences and requires full commitment. Do the recruits have the courage to start the next drop with expensive equipment and accept the loss of rare resources or go to the next mission with simpler equipment and thereby risk in the end the failure? In the closed beta everyone can register immediately and start playing right away from September 30th. The official release of The Cycle: Frontier is planned for the first half of 2022.

Yager FPS Shooter: Free

In the future, players will have to choose missions, pack equipment and explore the hostile planet Fortuna III for an indefinite period of time. Only those who make it to the waiting rescue ship can leave this alive. If players die, the body is wrapped in a cocoon and evacuated, but without any objects found or brought with them.

In the Prospect Station, the social hub at The Cycle: Frontier, players will find shops and their own quarters as well as the three most important factions Osiris, Korolev and ICA, each of which gives the player important jobs and whose reputation increases for each mission completed. These missions are versatile, be it collecting rare ores or killing a dangerous beast. For the increased reputation with the factions, new tools, upgrades and weapons can be unlocked, which bring you advantages for the next drop. Of course you are never completely alone on Fortuna III, in addition to dangerous beasts, other greedy players may be on the same mission as you - and also armed to the teeth. The suspense-charged drops can be performed either alone or in a team with up to two friends.

The Cycle: Frontier is a free, high-tension FPS shooter that blends PvE and PvP. The goal is to complete missions on a deserted planet while defending yourself from hostile creatures and armed opponents. But be careful: resources and mission objectives can only be kept if the players leave the planet alive. The resources gained can be used for weapon upgrades and other improvements that have a positive effect on future drops. The Cycle: Frontier offers a competitive multiplayer experience, whether single-handedly, in a squad with friends or alliances with strangers - The Cycle: Frontier offers the ultimate struggle for survival for all players.


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