The crew of Thomas Sing gets another offshoot. The publisher Kosmos announced this on its Instagram page. As early as next year, The Crew: Mission Tiefsee will be an independent successor to the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020. Instead of going high, this time - the name suggests it - going deep. The publisher does not name a limited publication period, the card game should appear in 2021.

The Kennerspiel of the year 2020 As a modernized version of a trick-taking game, it invites you to go on excursions into space. The concept is well received: The Crew is celebrated by fans and critics, the sales figures are likely to be good. Probably so good that Kosmos is now launching an offshoot of the cooperative space tricks game. It should be ready next year.

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is a standalone game

The Crew: Mission Tiefsee invites three to five players, ages ten and up, on adventure journeys into the depths of the ocean, this is also evident from the short description published by Kosmos. There is also a variant for two players.

For the sequel to the Kennerspiel des Jahres, author Thomas Sing and the publisher have not only placed another theme on the game concept: According to Kosmos, new mechanisms should also be included in the game. "In this trick-taking game you are on the trail of a great secret together," writes Kosmos. Two basic things can be read from this: The Crew: Mission Deep Sea will also be a trick-taking game and will again be played cooperatively. The successful basic concept remains untouched.

The Crew was about the right stitches, not the amount. Source: Cosmos

The Crew was about the right stitches, not the amount. Source: Cosmos

The focus will again be on the team factor, whether and how the topic of "deep sea" will be playfully embedded remains to be seen. The Crew was designed with the limited ability for players to communicate because they are astronauts. The trick game, too Winner of the German Game Prize 2020, contained 50 missions that gradually increased in difficulty. Kosmos also hints at this basic idea for the successor: "With every card" players dive deeper into the darkness of the deep sea. "Done another section? Go on!"

The fans' reactions to the announcement have been positive. It is not known exactly when The Crew - Mission Tiefsee will be available. The title is slated to hit the market in 2021.

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