2022 will be a good year. At least at the Board Game Circus. It will be the year with the most new releases in the history of the publishing house. After "The animals from Ahorntal" the next novelty is already in the starting blocks.

are on social media The animals of the maple valley currently unthinkable. A reprint has already been commissioned. But at Board Game Circus they don't rest on their laurels. with Secret domination the next novelty is already on its way to German ports.

Secret rule will soon follow

The Isle of Oshra is in turmoil. After the Emperor's death, the conflict between the hill tribes and the Imperial Army escalates. As the peace-loving Seafolk seek to balance old rivals, the undead seek to provoke war. Now all hopes rest on the Emperor's six children. Who will succeed him?

The players each take on one of six secret roles. Each of these is allied with two of the four factions. Who will outsmart whom? Playing the cards face up or face down affects how the conflict develops. In the end, one of the four factions will have the upper hand, and whoever is allied with it has a chance of winning!

With the extension Secret Reign: Queens and Sidekicks 9 more characters, 3 queens and 1 sidekick are added.

If you want to know more about the background in Oshra, you can go to the Blog at the Board Game Circus in six parts about everything important.

The game is recommended for 2-6 people aged 10 and over and has a playing time of 20-40 minutes.

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