Most people think back to board games with joy and a certain nostalgia. Board games provided many enjoyable hours in childhood and adolescence. Many people were particularly fascinated by a certain board game, in such a way that he became an expert in this game. The greater the joy of finding your own personal favorite board game later in a computer game or slot.

Board games as console and PC games

Already on the Commodore 64 (short: C64) The game collections were the first board games to be found as computer games. This development has intensified over the years. Board games could be implemented better and more attractively due to the increased technical possibilities. Numerous features were implemented, which provided for increased gaming fun and additional complexity beyond the actual board game. The best example of this is the series of the computer game Civilization, in which Civilization VI was the sixth title developed this year. The game has been available as a computer game since 1991, with the developers working with computer game legend Sid Meier borrowing from the board game of the same name from 1980, which was introduced to the game market by Francis G. Tresham. Further examples of successful board game adaptations for the PC and the game console are Axis and Allies, Cafe International, Carcassonne, Catan, Euphrates & Tigris, Cardinal and King, Keltis, Lionheart, Pandemic, Planet Steam, Tikal, Torris, War of Imperialism, Warcraft and XCOM. In view of these consistently demanding games, a certain regularity can be deduced. Not only are computer games designed more and more elaborately, but board games too. A separate term was created for complex strategy games on the board with the term author games. In an author's game, an author with his own personal touch is the godfather, who creates his own universe from the cornucopia of his ideas with his personal game, around which the flock of fans revolve.

Board games as online slots

Well-known board games have also been transformed into slot machines in the area of ​​slot machines. This was made possible by the increased technical possibilities, which gave the developers of slot machines completely new possibilities to make not only making money interesting in a slot, but also the gaming experience itself. So the demands in the area of ​​online slots also increased. Nowadays slot players want to be entertained while they play and appreciate interactive elements that they can only get from games. 

Examples of the implementation of board games as slots are the slots around Cluedo and Monopoly. Cluedo is a detective game from 1943. The player finds the familiar faces from the game as well as the familiar utensils, which include the murder weapon dagger, rope, revolver, candlestick and lead pipe. In the slot machine game he can expose the wanted killer as part of the bonus rounds and be rewarded with lucrative winnings. In the slot game Monopoly by Novoline, the player will also find familiar symbols from the board game. For example, the man with the mustache is the scatter, other well-known symbols in the slot machine are the luxury limousine from the early days of automobile traffic and the cylinder. Great music and animations make for a special gaming experience. Several different bonus rounds add to the fun and fuel the money fever. This is the case, for example, when the Expanded Wild appears on the fifth reel or the Monopoly Money symbol on the playing surface brings you all the money that you have been able to collect in the course of the game in one fell swoop. These two and many other great slot games can also be found on

Conclusion: good board games work in all formats

Good board games are complex and unique. They share that with good computer games and good slot machine games. Another advantage of adapting a board game to a computer game or a good online slot is its high recognition value.

The appeal of board games

Good board games have a large fan base, but even someone who has known the game from childhood and youth is usually happy when they rediscover a familiar game in the computer age. He combines the board game with fond memories and is excited to see how this was implemented as a PC game or online slot.