Thanks to the cooperation with Maestro Media, the hit game The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls will be published in German by Pegasus Spiele. Fans of the Kickstarter megahit can also look forward to the Ultimate Collector's Edition with the base game, the Four Souls+ and the Requiem expansion and much more content. The publisher Pegasus Games informed about the new announcement.

It took less than two hours to fund the Kickstarter campaign for the board game adaptation of the successful indie video game The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls in summer 2018. Almost 40.000 fans support the campaign with a total of over 2,5 million US dollars.

Even more successful was the expansion's campaign, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem. Nearly 50.000 people contributed over $6,5 million - a result that propelled the project to the seventh-most-funded Kickstarter board game. Thanks to the cooperation between Maestro Media and Pegasus Spiele, the card game is now appearing in a German version for the first time.

Game by indie legend McMillen

In the multiplayer card game of the world-famous indie game designer Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, The End is Nigh, The Legend of Bum-bo), who also developed the video game together with Florian Himsl, the players fight their way through one Dungeon full of monsters. They embody either the baby Isaac, who flees from his mother, who was instigated by God to murder, or another biblical character.

Each turn, they accumulate treasure, play loot cards, or use their items to slay monsters for loot and sometimes even souls. The first person to end their turn with four souls wins the game. Barter, cooperation and sometimes even betrayal are expressly desired in the iconic card game. With hundreds of maps, each game is different and always poses new challenges.

In addition to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, the Ultimate Collector's Edition will also be published by Pegasus Games in German. In addition to the basic game, this also contains the almost 350 cards of the Requiem and the Four Souls+ expansion. In addition, fans can look forward to extensive additional material from the Kickstarter, such as an extra-large box for all cards or a stylish coin pouch.

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