Stealing, cheating and greasing people's mouths with honey - all for a noble reason in the new 90s comedy-thriller-adventure from Mighty Yell and Skybound Games. Rumor has it that the 90s comedy crime adventure from Mighty Yell and Skybound Games, in which players can finally start their criminal career, is already on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for 12,49 euros is available. 

Players can finally achieve their dreams of an (in) righteous life and steal, sneak and do all sorts of other mischief when they embark on this hilarious adventure trip. Because who would run away from home in real life to pickpockets, rob children or fill the till with a bit of bank fraud so that the family video library can be saved !? Players are invited to put their luck to the test in order to get away with it and save a few valuable VHS tapes at the same time.

Nineties cult in a modern guise

The 90s culture-inspired comedy adventure The Big Con is all about Ali, a young con artist who does everything she can to protect her mother's video library from unscrupulous loan sharks. It is up to the players themselves how they can make money in this colorful adventure game, full of puzzles and snappy dialogues: Travel through the country as a pickpocket, convince targets, sneak around in disguise or benefit from the latest plush fashion.

The Big Con is a cheeky comic adventure with situations with many endings, puzzles and discoveries. Pickpocketing, sneaking around, dressing up and cheating on everyone the players come across - that's part of the gameplay. Through clever dialogues, players land deals or players talk their way out of tricky situations.

There are weird 90s characters that players can either rip off or support (if that's what you want). A small highlight is the synchronization with the talented voices of: Erika Ishii (Apex Legends, Destiny 2), Dave Fennox (The Walking Dead) and Melissa Hutchison (The Walking Dead) as Ali, Rad Ghost and Linda. There is also a title song specially composed for The Big Con by the house band Rockapella, “On the hunt for Carmen Sandiego”.

On Mighty Yell's Discord server, players have the opportunity to get access to a very special bonus quest in The Big Con through joke calls to a highly intelligent Discord bot. Further information is easily available on the Mighty Yell Discord server.


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