The moses. Verlag is bringing out a fascinating new non-fiction book for children in which impressive comparisons are made. It is now available in stores.

Fascinating, surprising and also a bit crazy comparisons

In this book by author Clive Gifford, many things and living beings from around the world are compared in a unique way. After all, we know it well from children that they describe sizes by means of comparisons, as they are not yet able to name them well.

"Did you know that 2 football teams fit on the tongue of a blue whale?"

Excerpt from the cover of this non-fiction book

The relations are supported by clear illustrations by Paul Boston:

Height comparisons in the Big Book of Comparisons
Source: moses. Verlag GmbH
Comparisons from the water world in the Big Book of Comparisons
Source: moses. Verlag GmbH

Furthermore, funny chains are formed:

7 budgerigars weigh as much as a clown fish, 4 clown fish together are as heavy as 1 hedgehog, 5 hedgehogs equals 1 arctic hare, 9 arctic hares equals 1 emu, and so on - in the end you need 5 humpback whales and 1 hippopotamus to get on the gigantic Weight of 142.000kg that a single blue whale brings on the scales.

Excerpt from the press release from moses. publisher

The great book of comparisons invites you to browse and be amazed. It has 96 pages and is recommended for children aged 8 and over.

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