The publisher Frosted Games has started a crowdfunding project in the Spieleschmiede to bring artwork from board games to the market as puzzles. 

The planned board game cover puzzles from Frosted Games are not particularly large, but they are “new territory” in the industry. 500 pieces comprise the patience tasks, in which, among other things, the artwork for board games such as Cooper Island or Sidereal Confluence is created on a layout size of 38 by 38 centimeters. If the project is successful, some of the playrooms will likely change their appearance significantly. Instead of just landing on the shelf as before, impressions of your favorite games may then end up as home decoration on the wall.

Board game covers are puzzle art

Frosted Games - the publisher behind board games such as Dawn of the Zeds or Aeons End - dares to make a first attempt with five motifs. Fans could then puzzle the cover illustrations by the board game heavyweights Cooper Island, Reykholt, Sidereal Confluence, Terra Mystica and A Festival for Odin.

A puzzle with 500 pieces costs a fair 14 euros - those who support the complete package pays a discounted 60 euros for all five sets. It shouldn't stay there, at least if the Frosted Games' crowdfunding campaign via Spieleschmiede the game offensive is successful. Then the small publisher is planning further motifs. You already have some of them that you would find “perfect” at Frosted Games. And: Other publishers have already expressed their interest and would tax cover artwork for another series.

In the end, it depends on the success of the crowd financing: Frosted Games has targeted 7.500 euros, the first around 50 supporters are already participating and have raised a sum of almost 1.500 euros.

The board game cover puzzles should be delivered this year, probably in December and thus at the perfect puzzle time.

“Fans of the games shown or the theme worlds in general should also dare to take a look, as well as people who are interested in puzzles or simply in beautiful pictures,” is the opinion of the Spieleschmiede. The project runs until May 5th.

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