Monsters are never boring. This is also proven by the announcement of the new game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. More than 15 years after the first part was released, fans are still eagerly awaiting a sequel - and soon the time will come! But monsters never seem to get old in other games and series either. Vampires, werewolves, demons and Co. have now even conquered the gambling sector. Today we want to show you which particularly cool slots were created!

Vampire - Princess of Darkness

The cool vampire slot consists of five reels and three rows. With five pay lines, the structure is relatively simple. The strong design in particular immediately catches the eye when playing. A gloomy backdrop with overgrown trees, from which one or the other pair of eyes stare out, is revealed to players right at the start. The full moon shines over the sky and colors the lighting mood in a dark purple. There are numerous symbols on the five reels that come from classic vampire stories.

The bat is the monstrous epitome of vampires.

The bat is the monstrous epitome of vampires.

These include garlic, a bat, a tombstone, the image of a haunted castle and of course the creepy vampire. After the stake has been determined, it starts. The reels start to spin and stop after a few seconds. If the cursed castle appears five times on a payline, the player has shot the big bird. The stake is paid out with a 1500 multiplier. The face of the vampire serves as a wild symbol and thus replaces all other symbols like a joker. With the right spin, you can not only shudder in this game, but also go home as a big winner.

Full moon fortune

Not in the mood for vampires? Then werewolves might be more of a taste. Full moon fortune can be played at Betfair Casino, where the best slot games online Tobe offered. Numerous games can be tried out with one account. In this werewolf hit, a mystery mood is on the program. Dr. Blackwood has been attacked by a beast and is about to transform itself.

The slot has five reels and three rows and allows many different combinations with 20 paylines. The symbols used include lead balls, which are supposed to serve as a defense against the werewolves, but also paw prints on the earth and Dr. Blackwood himself. When three tombstones appear on the screen, the night of the full moon begins and provides a free rotation. Now the werewolves really come out!

Age of the Gods - Medusa and Monsters

Monsters existed long before vampire and werewolf myths took over our world. Were already in Greek mythology Figures like Medusa popular characters for paintings and stories that teach us the creeps. The historical monsters are still popular today. The best example of this: the slot Age of the Gods - Medusa and Monsters. In this, players can try their luck on six reels and in six rows. In the game they encounter characters such as the Minotaur, Cerberus and Aphrodite, who is portrayed as a mermaid. Of course, Medusa's snake head is also included, as well as other symbols from Greek mythology. With 164 paylines, the chances of a big win are particularly good.

The "Age of the Gods" slot is about gods and monsters.

Age of the Gods slot is about gods and monsters.

Monsters are trendy. They are often the big heroes (or villains) not only with big titles for the PC and the consoles, but we also find them again and again in browser games and slots. No wonder, because who is not fascinated by vampires, werewolves or the legendary Medusa?