Journalists will clap their hands over their heads at the lurid headline. Game designers hope one of their invented game ideas could win the vote for the best board game of all time. Publishers hope for any price anyway. And board game fans are excited to see whether their favorite title will take first place on the podium. In short, such an epic title is eagerly awaited by many board players.

You can believe me in one thing. I'm at least as excited as you are, because I have no idea where the election will end and which title will end up being named the best board game of all time. Because of the voting system, I only know one thing: it will definitely be the board game with the best fans in the world.

Can there be the best board game ever?

First of all, the fundamental question arises whether there can be such a thing as the best board game of all time. So let's try to shed some light on the darkness.

There are good arguments for both sides. Some will say that there is no such thing as the best board game of all time. The tastes are too different, the titles on offer are too numerous. The many different board game genres alone, each with their own unique fan base, make the choice impossible. And yet every board player knows that there are these very special games that more than just captivate you and whose rules are passed on from generation to generation within the family. Let's take the classic board game Monopoly as an example. Even as a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I would rarely say no to a game of Monopoly; the game is just too entertaining. And although there is a universal set of basic rules for Monopoly, the individual rule modifications are usually even written down and passed on to the next generation of Monopoly players as a kind of "mystical paper". It doesn't matter whether it's a small adjustment to the starting capital or special building regulations, whether rental income is calculated contrary to the standard set of rules or whether the prison field in Family Monopoly has more dramatic effects than the game author originally intended. Monopoly is a wonderful example of the life of its own that a board game can develop.

In addition, the saying "The board game X is my absolute favorite game" is not uncommon among board gamers. And the phrase "absolute favorite game" ultimately means nothing other than "the best board game of all time", at least from a very personal point of view and for a mostly limited time. Namely that the absolute favorite game is replaced by the next absolute favorite game. After all, we're already getting closer to the answer to the question of the best board game of all time. But the following applies: no election and no fan prize without election criteria. But what might these look like?

You could make it relatively easy for yourself and simply choose the world's best-selling board game as the best board game of all time; or you can take the title that is most played internationally. Or maybe the cheapest board game is the best, simply because everyone can afford it. Board game veterans could focus on the complexity of a title and say that something can only be the best if it is possible difficult is. Perhaps the decisive criterion is also the game round time: then does the shortest time count or the longest?

You see, there are many possible criteria. For me, one criterion beats all the others in the end: the best board game is the board game with the best fans. Followers who play a game with passion, defend it heroically despite possible flaws and ultimately breathe something like a soul into the board game. The more active and creative the fans, the more likely a board game can become more than just one title among many.

The choice begins: This is how you participate

For this reason you are now asked: Liked, share, say further, convince others of your board game. There can only be one. We want nothing less than to find out which board game is the best board gamer of all time, from the beginnings of gimmick until today. A truly epic affair that, of course, should be accepted with a wink.

And that is how it works: Your arguments alone count. Not the sheer number of votes, not the frequency of mentions. The best argument makes a board game the best board game ever.

Argued on here in the comments Facebook or Google+ .

No matter where, the main thing is that you bring the best argument for your most beloved board game. The more people take part, the more epic the board game battle becomes, because you should of course defend your arguments against others, of course, taking into account the common rules of propriety.

At the end, I choose the best argument and choose one single title as the best board game of all time. Of course, the publisher of the winning title will also be informed afterwards. After all, such a legendary award is not given every day.

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