Digital versions of analog board games are no longer a rarity. The Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019 also has its own digital implementation. Now the first expansion is finally here.

Wing Flap is one of the board game success stories of recent years. The simple rules combined with the depth of the game and the outstanding artwork keep the game at number 24 of all games on BoardGameGeek. The numerous awards (including Kennerspiel des Jahres, Deutscher Spiele Preis) also speak for themselves as to how well the game is received. Since the 170 cards contained in the basic game alone, along with player boards and other materials, cannot be taken everywhere with you, the game is also available as an app. Now, with the Europe expansion, the first of the two board game expansions that have already been published is also appearing in digital format.

Fly to Europe

As in the physical version, the Europe expansion brings a total of 81 new bird cards from Europe. In addition, there is the ability "At the end of the round". All birds in the game are accompanied by their own sounds. In addition, there are new backgrounds for the tableaux in the app version, which are inspired by European landscapes.
As you know it from the board game, the Automa is also included in the app for the Europe expansion.

The app allows you to compete across platforms with players from all over the world. For those who want even more competition, there are weekly competitions within the app. In these, they compete against the Automa under very specific rules.

The Monster Couch app is available for Apple, Android, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam, among others.


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