Luckily, it's been a long time since video games had the image of being a total waste of time. In fact, scientists often agree that playing video games has a direct correlation to a person's creative thought process.

Almost every game requires some form of critical thinking and even games of chance like that best online casino can help us learn some things. Of course, just playing video games doesn't make us a super genius, but some games can help us boost our creativity. The following five games are particularly well suited for this.
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1. Minecraft

Even if you haven't personally explored the game, I assume you've at least heard of Minecraft. In this game, the player can create gigantic structures such as castles and palaces or just build a small house in the forest. The game requires a high level of creativity from the player to create the best structures. A quick search on YouTube will yield an incredible amount of tutorials on how to create the most beautiful buildings or huge structures. Some particularly creative players have even developed games within the game, e.g. B. Pacman. Minecraft is not only one of the most successful games of all time, but also one of the leading game apps for promoting creativity, with over 100 million registered users worldwide.


At first glance, Terraria is a 2D Minecraft clone, comparable to the graphics of Super Mario World. However, the game has a lot more to offer and inspires our imagination with its sophisticated building and crafting system. The game requires you to build structures to support NPCs who will help you in your quest in various ways. The power-ups and armor that players can create throughout Terraria are diverse and absolutely stunning. Like Minecraft, Terraria either requires outside research and a steep learning curve, or an incredible amount of creativity through experimentation.

3. Little Big Planet

The LittleBigPlanet series is a side scroller that goes well beyond the side scrolling genre. Mainly it's about going from left to right and reaching the end of the level. The appeal of LittleBigPlanet, however, lies in solving the puzzles in the levels to find hidden stickers, which can be used to unlock various other rewards and puzzles in the game. Users can also create their own levels and similar to Minecraft, there is no limit to the player's imagination. Even other famous games like Legend of Zelda have been recreated with LittleBigPlanet's Level Creator.

4. Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy, available for Nintendo DS, Wii and Switch, among others, consists of different games that focus on a variety of mental skills: thinking, analyzing, arithmetic, identifying and memorizing. With the numerous drills available for each skill, players have a huge number of ways to keep their minds busy on a daily basis. You can also play against multiple friends on the Wii to compete with your friends and brag about who has better mental abilities.

5. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is probably the most relaxing game on the list while also being able to help boost our creativity. In any case, you can't go wrong playing Animal Crossing. You just walk around your town, visit NPCs and trade items to outfit your house. You can fish, dig for treasure and also visit other players' towns. As you complete special tasks, your house will be bigger and you can decorate it better. Although it's a circular process that almost never ends, the game offers a lot of variety that allows for increasing creativity and replay value.

6. Scribblenauts

The game Scribblenauts allows you to create anything you can describe to use to solve puzzles at each stage. You can create a rabid tyrannosaurus, a supercar, a crazy purple monkey or even a time machine. The developers of Scribblenauts have thought of almost everything the player could think of and the number of easter eggs in the game is almost endless. The hardest part of the game is not looking anything up, just using your creativity to think of different creations you could come up with.