As the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment announced, a board game on Kung Fu Panda will be released. The cooperative miniature game for 1 to 4 players is based on the template of the animated film series by DreamWorks and lets players slip into the combat suits of the Furious Five or Po in person.

The Kung Fu Panda board game closely follows the template. Both the familiar characters from the CGI template and their look were adopted for the board game. As Furiose Five or Dragon Warrior Po, 1 to 4 players fight against the nasty Tai Lung and other villains in games lasting around 60 minutes.

Time limit or not, players can choose

The basic variant of the board game for Kung Fu Panda relies on a limitation of the time resources per move. To put it more simply: the game comes with an hourglass.

In a simpler variant, players can simply ignore the hourglass in order to take as much time for their moves as they need - or as other players allow them. The fully cooperative game principle works with a dice mechanism. Four dice determine which actions can be carried out - including attacks, but also healing abilities. In addition, the movements through the rooms are determined with the help of the dice results.

The equipment for budding kung fu fighters: miniature, dice, wheels of fortune. Image: Modiphius

The equipment for budding kung fu fighters: miniature, dice, wheels of fortune. Image: Modiphius

The opponent's actions - the board game for Kung Fu Panda can also be played in a solo mode - are determined by the dice. If claw symbols become visible, the "Wheel of Destiny" determines whether opponents appear and what they do.

Each character also has individual skills and a different amount of life points. Special skills cards are supposed to provide some depth and probably bring at least some tactical variance into play. Walls can be torn down or players can be revived even over long distances.

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