TitleCategoryyear ( YYYY )Book publisherLink
7 Wondersboard Games2020AsmodeeClick
Year 1800board Games2020CosmosClick
Nova Arkboard Games2021Tierra del Fuego gamesClick
Ary and the secret seasonsvideo Games2020Maximum GamesClick
Assassin's Creed Valhallavideo Games2020UbisoftClick
Astra board Games2022Mindclash gamesClick
Azul: The Queen's Gardensboard Games2021Next move gamesClick
Batman: Everybody readsboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
Battelfield 2042video Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
Construction boomboard Games2016FriendClick
Rustling leavesboard Games2020CosmosClick
Boomerang Fu (Switch)video Games2020Cranky watermelonsClick
boom partyboard Games2020Tavern Ludica Click
Blood Rage: Digital Edition (PC)video Games2020Asmodee DigitalClick
Caldera Parkboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
camel upboard Games2014Pegasus SpieleClick
Carcassonne: South Seasboard Games2013Hans in hapinessClick
Cascadiaboard Games2021CosmosClick
Children of Wyrmwoodboard Games2020GrimspireClick
Chrono Copsboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
Cities: Skylinesboard Games2019CosmosClick
Copenhagenboard Games2019Queen GamesClick
Coralliaboard Games2019Yikes!Click
Crazy Driverboard Games2020Rudy GamesClick
Dark Cases - Deep caseboard Games2022Gmeiner publishing houseClick
Death Stranding (PC)video Games2020505 GamesClick
The White sharkboard Games2020RavensburgerClick
Detective: First casesboard Games2020Pegasus SpieleClick
Diablo 2 resurrectedvideo Games2021Activision BlizzardClick
The liberation of the Rietburgboard Games2019CosmosClick
The legends of Andor: Chada & Thornboard Games2015CosmosClick
The Sims 4 - Star Wars Trip to Batuuvideo Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
The animals of the maple valley board Games2022Board game circusClick
downforceboard Games2018Ouch! / IelloClick
Dune: Empireboard Games2021AsmodeeClick
Dune: Empire - Rise of Ixboard Games2022AsmodeeClick
Ecogonboard Games2022GaiagamesClick
Elden Ringvideo Games2022Bandai NamcoClick
Eldritch horrorboard Games2013AsmodeeClick
End zone: World Apartvideo Games2021Assembly entertainmentClick
Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoodboard Games2021 GrimspireClick
F1 2021video Games2021Electronic Arts/CodemastersClick
F1 2022video Games2022Electronic Arts/CodemastersClick
Fallout: 76: Wastelanders (PC / Xbox)video Games2020Bethesda SoftworksClick
FIFA 21 coinsvideo Games202Electronic ArtsClick
FIFA 22 coinsvideo Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
FIFA 23 coinsvideo Games2022Electronic ArtsClick
first adviceboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
pinball maniaboard Games2022Frozen GamesClick
strongboard Games2020gameworxxClick
Ghosts, ghosts, treasure huntersboard Games2013MattelClick
Grid legendsvideo Games2022Electronic ArtsClick
Gboard Games2022AsmodeeClick
hagakureboard Games2020Board game boxClick
Chief boom-ba-boomboard Games2004HABAClick
HeroQuest (German re-edition)board Games2022HasbroClick
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Hereboard Games2014RTLClick
In the hall of the mountain kingboard Games2019Skellig GamesClick
island of catsboard Games2020Skellig GamesClick
Isle of Cats: Kittens & Beastsboard Games2022Skellig GamesClick
It Takes Twovideo Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
Jurassic World: Evolution 2video Games2021Frontier DevelopmentsClick
Jurassic World - Return to Isla Nublarboard Games2022Schmidt gamesClick
Kandagawa Jet Girls (PS4)video Games2020Marvelous USAClick
Kingdomino Originsboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
Kingdoms of Amalur - Re-Reckoning (Nintendo Switch)video Games2021THQ NordicClick
Kyotoboard Games2020Pegasus SpieleClick
Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams don't Dryvideo Games2018Assembly entertainmentClick
Lost Arkvideo Games2022Amazon GamesClick
Living Forestboard Games2022Pegasus SpieleClick
Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twicevideo Games2020Assembly entertainmentClick
Lost in Randomvideo Games2021EA OriginsClick
Eternal Light board Games2019Frozen GamesClick
Madden NFL 21video Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
Madden NFL 22video Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
Madden NFL 23video Games2022Electronic ArtsClick
Mandala stonesboard Games2021Kobold game publisherClick
Marvel Cardlineboard Games2014AsmodeeClick
Mass Effect: Legendary Editionvideo Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
Medici: The Dice Gameboard Games2020Grail GamesClick
MicroMacro: Crime City 2 board Games2021Pegasus SpieleClick
Mission: ISSboard Games2021Schmidt gamesClick
Mmm!board Games2015Pegasus SpieleClick
MortalShell (PS4)video Games2020Cold Symmetry / PlayStackClick
Naraka: Bladepointvideo Games2021NetEaseClick
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuitvideo Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
NHL 21video Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
Observer: System Reduxvideo Games2020Bloober TeamClick
Orcs Ors Orcsboard Games2013Queen GamesClick
Plants vs Zombies (Nintendo Switch)video Games2021Electronic ArtsClick
Psychonauts 2video Games2021Xbox Game StudiosClick
Puerto Ricoboard Games2020RavensburgerClick
Point saladboard Games2020Pegasus Games / AEGClick
Redcliff Bay Mysteriesboard Games2021CosmosClick
Risk Star Wars - The Trilogyboard Games2013Winning movesClick
Robin Hood and the Merry Menboard Games2019Taverna Ludica GamesClick
Rocket Arena (PS4)video Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
Russian Railroadsboard Games2013Hans in hapinessClick
Sammu Ramatboard Games2022Ion game designClick
messboard Games2006Winning movesClick
Scythe: Digital Edition (PC)video Games2018Asmodee DigitalClick
Senchaboard Games2020Taverna Ludica GamesClick
Small Samurai Empiresboard Games2020Archona GamesClick
Small world of warcraftboard Games2020AsmodeeClick
Sniper Elite: The Board Gameboard Games2022Rebellion UnpluggedClick
Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Switch)video Games2020THQ NordicClick
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Xbox)video Games2019Electronic ArtsClick
Star Wars: Outer Rimboard Games2019AsmodeeClick
Star Wars: Outer Rim - Unfinished Businessboard Games2022AsmodeeClick
Star Wars: Squadronsvideo Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
Stellarion board Games2022in PatienceClick
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Switch)video Games2020Marvelous EuropeClick
Streets of Rage 4 (PC / Xbox)video Games2020dotemuClick
Great Dungeon Exploreboard Games2014AsmodeeClick
Surgeon Simulator 2video Games2020Bossa Click
Suspectsboard Games2022CosmosClick
Tales of Gloryboard Games2018Board game boxClick
The Catch: Carp and Coarse (PC)video Games2020Doovetail gamesClick
The Elder Scrolls: Call to Armsboard Games2020ModiphiusClick
The Outer Worlds (Switch)video Games2020Private DivisionClick
The Quarryvideo Games20222KClick
Tiny Tina's Wonderlandsvideo Games20222KClick
Tough Calls: After the sinkingboard Games2022Nice Game PublishingClick
Home Sweet Home, Sheep Alone - UFO Alarm (Switch)video Games2020Aardman AnimationsClick
Trool Parkboard Games2018Board game boxClick
Tropical 6 (Xbox)video Games2019Kalypso MediaClick
Two Point Hospital (Switch)video Games2020SEGAClick
UFC 4 (PS4)video Games2020Electronic ArtsClick
Valorant (PC)video Games2020Riot GamesClick
Warcraft 3 Reforged (PC)video Games2020Blizzard EntertainmentClick
War for Chicken Islandboard Games2020Taverna Ludica GamesClick
Warhammer: Mechanicus (PS4)video Games2020Kasedo Games / KalypsoClick
Watch Dogs: Legionvideo Games2020UbisoftClick
What Happened (PC)video Games2020CatnappeClick
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Pandemic)board Games2021AsmodeeClick
WWE 2K2022video Games20222KClick
WWE Battlegroundsvideo Games20202K GamesClick
X-Com: The Board Gameboard Games2014AsmodeeClick
Xbox Series Xhardware test2020MicrosoftClick