Speed ​​runners or those who want to become one, watch out: Because OkunoKA Madness is a game made for you. The jumping action is challenging and absolutely ruthless. Speed ​​and skill come first. Sound like the right video game for you? Then read our test what to expect at Okunaka Madness.

The speed runner scene is growing in popularity, and events like games done quick have huge audiences around the world. OkunoKA Madness is a title that is aimed precisely at this target group. Race through as quickly as possible, just don't offend! It should be clear to anyone who has even remotely attempted to get to the finish line in a commercially available hopping game like Super Mario without ending up in the abyss that this won't exactly be a cakewalk.  

Simple principle: easy to learn, hard to master

To explain the game principle, it doesn't need many words: You steer the being Ka through comparatively short levels and have to overcome obstacles. You have to jump over abysses, hop up walls or avoid deadly projectiles - all at an extremely high speed and only with the help of precision. By now it should be clear: You will die a multitude of virtual deaths before you reach the redeeming end of the level. 

The levels still look simple, but that changes quickly

The levels still look simple, but that changes quickly. Source: Ignition

Here is the simple motto: Easy to learn, hard to master. Very capitalized! But that's not bad, because OkunoKA Madness is designed precisely on this principle of trial and error. AT THE BEGINNING it's shallow, that changes quickly. At most in the first few levels, players will experience the satisfying feeling of getting to the Zilel at the first attempt. There is also a story, at least a little. One would probably not expect that anyway and anyway: there is no time for long stories. It's about speed. At its core, it's about having fun. There are moments of frustration in the form of candy on top, and not too scarce.

Motivate new mechanics and levels

The level of difficulty increases by leaps and bounds. New obstacles, enemies or mechanics are first introduced step by step, then they are used more and more frequently in the subsequent levels. That is motivating, because players quickly develop the need to measure themselves against the new challenges in order to ultimately emerge from them successfully.

The increasingly difficult levels motivate and make you want to go to even more brutal levels

The more and more difficult stages motivate and make you want to go to even more brutal levels.

Above all, the game demands accuracy and timing from the gamepad acrobat, which increases over time. Then come the "Magic Moments" where the character will die over and over again, only to have that comforting feeling when you've finally gotten past a particularly tricky spot. In between, the jumping and racing passages are loosened up by boss fights, which all follow a fixed pattern and ultimately pick up on well-known mechanics that you have to use at the right time.

Collecting the bonuses is worth it, because it unlocks new challenges and characters

Collecting the bonuses is worth it because it unlocks new challenges and characters.

All those who would like to have challenging game passages can simply look for hidden extras in the game levels. This is because new figures can be unlocked, each of which comes with special features - such as the ability to stick to the wall.

So you can use the appropriate character for each individual play style - provided you have unlocked it, of course. For all those who have fought their way through the story mode, there is also the madness mode, which offers even more difficult and almost impossible challenges.


Number of players: 1
Age: from 6 (USK)
Difficulty: medium to difficult
Long-term motivation: high

Publisher: Ignition Publishing
Developer: Caracal Studios
Year of publication: 2020
platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French
Cost: 17,99 Euro


Games like OkunoKA Madness live from their perfect controllability, in which actions in the game are quickly implemented on command of the inputs. Delays are out of place and they rarely occur: The PC version of the game is almost optimally adapted. Ka controls herself smoothly and reacts directly to the player's commands. Moments of frustration did not arise because of the usability, but because the challenges in some passages seem to be almost too high. That annoys and motivates: Our clumsy and overly hectic behavior has repeatedly thrown us to our death.

OkunoKA Madness isn't a game for everyone, the target audience for this title is pretty narrow: players who are passionate, responsive and have a penchant for sometimes enormous challenges are primarily addressed. But even those intermediate types for whom the current Jump 'n Run titles should be too easy will certainly find Okunaka Madness a good - and in between a bad one - but at least an overall fun alternative to conventional jumping games.

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