The Surgeon Simulator is already known to many fans as a classic, with Surgeon Simulator 2 it is now into the next round. We have also thrown the surgical gown on for you and tried - the emphasis is on trying - to save human lives.

There are sequels to the game that gamers are still waiting for today, Half Life 3 we're looking in your direction. Then there are games that didn't necessarily need a sequel. With the Surgeon Simulator 2 there is now a sequel to a game that was more MEME and was taken less seriously as a game. But that didn't deter us from looking into the second part, especially since the question arises: Do you need this sequel or not.

"Simulator" is a bit high

In case you missed the first part, one thing must be said in advance, the Surgeon Simulator 2 is not a serious medical simulation. As in the first part, you interact with the world by waving your arm around, but this time you don't have to worry about controlling individual fingers. Do you have a patient with an ailing small intestine? Then just pull him out - and as long as you let him drop a new one into his chest cavity, the operation is over.

No master has fallen from heaven yet - learn the basics ersmtal

Surgeon training: no master has fallen from heaven - first learn the basics.

But the more you pull, drill or hammer, the more blood your patient will lose. You can tear off a leg and amputate a new one, but if you don't use a bone saw, he can bleed to death in the meantime. But even if your first operation fails, you immediately jump back into the saddle and wait longingly for the ever-increasing challenges. What's next An eye transplant? A dental job? A brain operation ?.

Too little variety in the operations

No, unfortunately it was. Surgeon Simulator 2 may confuse the body parts to be swapped out, but every operation is essentially the same. However, if you want to operate in more or less interesting outfits for a change, you can perform an operation with Zlinder and a fake mustache thanks to the game's character customization option, but unfortunately there is an unforgivable lack of variety, especially compared to the original surgeon simulator.

Unfortunately, the operations are repeated very often

The saw, please: Unfortunately, the operations are repeated very often.

Bossa Studios tried to mix things up a bit by giving Surgeon Simulator 2 a story where you roam the corridors of a rundown training hospital. In doing so, however, they robbed him of the energy that made the first surgeon simulator such a hit. The puzzle elements, which unfortunately are seldom that strenuous, feel completely unnecessary, and the story isn't something that deserves an Oscar. Since the game also doesn't offer savegames, it's frustrating when you're forced to wander around again and again to restart the lost OP.

Multiplayer mode and editor are good

It feels like Surgeon Simulator 2 is desperate to be a portal-style puzzle game. But the Valve classic was mostly true to its title; playing with portals was an integral part of the game. Here you spend half of your time outside of the operation, swapping fuses and pressing buttons, activities that are seldom entertaining.

In multiplayer mode, the chaos is perfect.

Surgeon Simulator 2's saving grace is multiplayer; the fun factor multiplies as more players join. Instead of administering life-saving fluids that keep your patient from bleeding to death, you deal with the chaos that the other "surgeons" bring to the operating table. If you're lucky, you're playing with people you know, dividing up the duties and working together like a well-oiled machine. If not, you'll fight to keep your unfortunate victim alive while your peers play with the "she loves me, she loves me not" limbs. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it's a lot of fun.

Not exactly helpful to our surgeon colleagues

Not exactly helpful to our surgeon colleagues.

Another nice feature is the game's level editor, with which you can create your own levels and play through other players' creations. As with all user-generated content, the levels we immersed in were a really mixed bag. That brings variety to the monotonous operating rooms of the developers.


Number of players: 1
Age: from 6 (USK)
Difficulty: medium
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Bossa Studios
Developer: Bossa Studios
Year of publication: 2020
platforms: PC
Languages: English
Cost: 24,99 Euro


What shall we say We can't really answer the question at the beginning of the article that we asked ourselves whether a Surgeon Simulator needed a sequel. Nevertheless: For many fans of the predecessor, the editor and the multiplayer will be reason enough to buy the second part as well.

In the story, the operations are selected as a kind of episode

In the story, the operations are selected as a kind of episode

Anyone who was a fan of the first Surgeon Simulator could be disappointed by the little variety, but with the multiplayer and the editor 2 innovations that are really funny and varied. Because performing a chaos operation with friends is always entertaining with every new attempt. But if you are more of a solo player, you should give the first part a chance because it was more fun and varied from the basic level.

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