Fans have waited a long time, now the time has come: The pocket monster game Temtem by Crema has started Early Access on Valve's distribution platform Steam. In contrast to Pokémon, Temtem is a real MMO. The colorful monster collecting fun costs around 30 euros.

The similarities to Pokémon are unmistakable in the monster collecting adventure, but Temtem does something different, especially with regard to the multiplayer experience. The Crema title was financed via the Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2018 - and it was extremely successful. Temtem raised approximately $ 70.000 from over 570.000 "backers" with a target of $ 11.000.

Temtem stays true to the roots of Pokémon

After successful funding, fans have waited a long time for the game to be available. Now Temtem has officially started the “Early Access” phase. The game is available on Steam and Humble Bundle at a price of 30.99 euros.

Temtem clearly has its roots in Pokémon. Even if there are differences, the basic concept is similar. Players explore the game world, meet opposing teams and dojo masters and collect lots of colorful monsters. The biggest difference to Pokémon is the permanent online connection that Temtem relies on. Other human players can be challenged to a duel at any time. Cooperative play activities with friends or as part of team fights are also possible.

The trailer for Temtem shows what is possible in the game:


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There is also a lot to do apart from the pure monster duels: Temtem offers housing features and character customizations. The decorated houses can then, completely "Animal crossing“-Like, can also be visited by other players.

The Steam reviews are currently mostly positive. At the start of Temtem's Early Access, the game had to struggle with server problems and game crashes. Meanwhile, however, Crema seems to have eliminated the biggest problems. Because the game is in the early stages of development, patches and updates will be released on a regular basis. If the idea works, Temtem could have a bright future.

Temtem is available for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There is no release date for the final version yet.

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