Stack a few items to match, as directed by the objective card. Sound easy? But it's not, because you can only achieve the construction project as a team. Each person has a handicap, which means that the chain of communication is not as easy as you would like. Team 3 comes in two variants: green and pink and can also be combined. Here I present you the green version.


With the green edition you get building cards in three levels of difficulty and the Mini expansion Mind Merge. In addition, the three character cards, a card holder and the ten components.


The course of the game

The process is relatively simple. All required building blocks (depending on variant and difficulty) are placed in the middle of the table and each person draws a character card and then takes on the respective task. There is:

The architect: This person takes the building card and places it in front of them. The person is the only one who knows what the finished structure should look like. The problem: you can't talk. She is only allowed to communicate with gestures, signs or other non-verbal signals. 

The site manager: This person looks at the architect and speaks directly to the construction worker. She can say anything; i.e. the type of shape you are looking for or where this shape is on the table. 

The construction worker: This person plays with their eyes closed (e.g. with a sleep mask or whatever you have at the moment) and must carry out the instructions heard.

You always have 3 minutes for one round. Set a timer at the start of the round. If you manage to rebuild the structure within the time, you win and place the card on your face down next to the stack. If you don't make it, you lay out the card face up. 

Then you pass the character cards in clockwise order. The game ends as soon as you have won or lost enough rounds. The target value is always based on the number of people and the selected difficulty. The limit is always the number of people + the stars of the selected difficulty. If there are four of you playing with the 2* cards, you win if you have successfully built 6 cards. The limit to failure depends solely on the number of people; in this example the game ends as soon as you have lost four times. 


team 3 vs 3

Here you form two teams of 3 and each team receives 5 different components; this means that each team has the same building materials. When playing, you only use the cards with a star and both teams try to build the structure of a card at the same time. Whoever makes it first wins the round. The first team to win 6 rounds wins the game.

Mind Merge

This variant is for exactly 5 people and is only played with the Mind Merge cards. The construction worker takes five different objects and puts them in the left and right hand. All other characters are occupied twice and you play with two building cards at once. One character combination now gives the left hand instructions and the other the right hand instructions. The left hand may only be used for the left structure and the right hand only for the right structure.

My Opinion

Team3 it is very chaotic but also very entertaining party game. Even if it can seem very easy at first glance, playing shows that it is quite challenging. But that is also what makes the game so appealing. However, you must expect to get frustrated during the game, since your naturally very good instructions can be misunderstood by the next person. Then there is the time pressure. 

Frustrating but also particularly funny were the moments when the building was knocked over just before the end of the building. Building blind is not that easy. 

Ideally, you play in threes and each person has a turn at any time. If you play with more people, so that some have to sit out, that's not a big problem in my opinion. Because on the one hand the rounds are played very quickly and on the other hand it is super entertaining to see how the others act.

In my opinion, Team3 is an ideal party game: It has simpler rules, is played quickly and is a lot of fun.

However, the sleep mask is not included in the game. But you can also just close your eyes or blindfold them in some other way. 

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