World War II shooters were particularly popular in the early 00s and many of today's military shooter series, including Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor, base their long-term legacy on the WWII scenarios of their respective debuts. But with the establishment of modern warfare in these titles, the premise of depicting our primal disasters had to give way to more modern images of war. For a few years, however, there has been a kind of renaissance: Battlefield One, for example, took up the archaic technological warfare of the First World War, CoD dared to go back to the origins of the series in 2017 with the WW2 offshoot. The Australian studio Black Matter Party, who are currently working on their debut Hell Let Loose, which is to be published by publisher Team 17, wants to go one step further.

The tactical shooter, set in World War II, was released as an Early Access title for Steam in 2019 and is currently rated positively by 23.000 players; Now, with the support of Team 17, there is also an announcement of the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. These versions should appear in 2021 at the end of the Early Access phase. The developers promise a demanding WW2 shooter for die-hards, which is to stage epic battles with hundreds of players. Infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamic front and a unique, resource-based metagame should be offered.

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Spacious areas, dynamic fronts and ultra-realistic mechanics ensure an authentic battle scenario

The description says:

Experience the most famous battles on the Western Front including Carentan, Omaha Beach, Foy and more. These are battles on a whole new scale ... Thundering tanks rule the battle, important supply lines supply the front - you are a cog in the gigantic machine of warfare. Hell Let Loose throws you into the chaos of war, in which player-controlled vehicles can move the front dynamically and individual units can turn the tide in battle.

The nine maps should be spacious (enormous 4 km²) and be based on real reconnaissance images and satellite images. The battlefield is divided into large sectors of conquest (up to 99 per map), so that two factions of 50 players each can fight each other on fields, bridges, in forests and cities, while the fronts shift dynamically. Developing the sectors generates one of three resources for the team, so that a complex metagame should be guaranteed until the end of the game.

The aim should be to authentically stage the battle scenario and to stand out from the arcade game mechanics of the competitors: The ballistics and recoils should bring about realistic and varying intensities; The sessions are much more sedate than at Battlefield and co., Lone fighters have little chance of success and you are looking for something like a crosshair in vain. Hell Let Loose draws its charm from the fact that it is a hardcore alternative to the genre movies.

The following are listed as central features:

  • Fight in epic multiplayer battles with 50 players on each side.
  • Two unique game modes - offensive and warfare
  • Nine maps with more planned - land on Omaha Beach, fight your way through Carentan and conquer the frozen forest of Foy before conquering Hill 400.
  • You will never fight the same battle again - there are 99 conquest points per map, which means thousands of possible battles.
  • Play and master one or more of 14 unique roles including: officer, medic, machine gunner, commander, crew member, sniper and more.
  • Regular updates with new maps, weapons, features and bug fixes.
  • Realistic ballistics and recoil patterns enable lifelike shooting behavior.
  • Unique, three-part game voice chat: close range, commanders and units.
  • Brutal battles - friend and foe are torn apart by heavy weapons.
  • Continuous player progression - Show your experience with new uniforms, equipment and customization options as individual roles and your player profile advance in level.
  • Get behind the wheel of many World War II vehicles - including Tiger, Sherman, Stuart and Puma - and look forward to many more.
  • Bombard the enemy with a range of heavy weapons and wipe them out with anti-tank weapons and artillery.
  • Build armored positions to fortify your position.
  • Smash through the opposing front with teamwork and don't let anything stop you from winning.
  • Play as a commander and lead your team to victory by using different skills and guiding your soldiers via the tactical map.