The fantasy card game "Tales are Real" is currently being crowdfunded by the game developer of the games offensive. Wild beasts fight against adversaries from the depths of the twilight - the card game is based on genre competitors, but also brings something new: a dice skill, for example. The campaign is already active. 

A small publisher with big ambitions, that's how you could briefly describe the background to a project currently running at the game company: They want to collect around 8.500 euros there for the fantasy card game "Tales are Real". The title is "casual" but still difficult to master - that's what the video for the campaign promises.

Duel between beasts and shadows

Tales are Real is a competitive card game where two commanders lead their fantasy armies onto the battlefield. When developing the title, it was said in the description of the campaign that "they dug deep into their bag of tricks". You don't see that at first glance, Tales are Real reminds you as a genre competitor and adopts their concepts as your own. You discover something new at second glance: There are rudimentary role-playing elements, different peoples, each with unique abilities that even include self-healing - then implemented with an element of luck: you roll the dice.

The shadow beings, on the other hand, only take limited physical damage due to their form without a "real body" - in direct fights against physically present animals, this seems paradoxical. This fact alone arouses curiosity about Tales are Real. Has the implementation been successful? This is what players can try for free: via the tabletop simulator.

Anyone who has ever touched a living card game or trading card game should find their way around: You equip your creatures from an equipment deck with weapons and armor items as well as all sorts of gems to make them more effective in battle - then it's on the hat. Gradually, the creatures compete against each other individually. When all battles have been resolved, a round ends. Damage is permanent, so it doesn't regenerate like in other genre card games. The number of rounds, on the other hand, is fixed: players have to fight five battles, whoever has suffered fewer losses wins. If a player's commander dies, the game ends immediately. Tales are Real doesn't do everything, but a few things differently than the competition.

The Tales are Real crowdfunding campaign is already running in the game forge. As of today, there are almost three weeks left to support the project. The cost is 20 euros for the game, there are other levels with different rewards. The first supporters are already there, there should be around 250 to 300 in the end, depending on the focus on the support levels.


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