After many titles from CGE and Horrible Guild were announced in German at HeidelBÄR Games, there are now two new products from HeidelBÄR itself. The pre-order campaign for the SPIEL both titles starts on September 1st.  

The two innovations are the same in terms of the number of people. Both games also do good in terms of sustainability. Selling both games will plant new trees. The partner for this commitment is the organization "Trees for Future". In addition, the plastic parts are in Fish&Cat made of the sustainably recycled plastic "RE-Plastic".

Tails on Fire - Bring fire back to the possums

The theme of the game is embedded in the story of a fairy tale of the indigenous Huchiol people of Mexico. Iguana robbed the possums of fire and fled to the highest mountain. A possum went off, tricked iguana and brought fire back to the world with its tail aflame.

Tails on Fire is a fast-paced card game about bluffing, tricks and fire points. Depending on the cards available in the display and the cards that you can perhaps steal from the other players, everyone chooses up to three cards at the beginning of a round with which they want to contest the current round. In each round, cards with a value that is one higher must be played.

Whoever bluffs cleverly, pauses and is left at the end of the round can secure the last card played, which of course also shows the highest value. This can be stolen again by another player in the next round if he or she wins a flame of the same value.

How the opossum tricked the iguana in the fairy tale, the players have to Tails on Fire outsmart each other and remain unpredictable to secure the hottest fires.

The game for 2-6 opossums from the age of 10 and lasts about 20 minutes. The suggested retail price is €15.

Fish&Katz – Fast reaction game about fish

During the lunch break, the cats take over the fish stand. They can't resist the fish and everyone tries to secure the tastiest fish.

With the knitted cat paw attachments for the index fingers, everyone goes hunting for the tastiest fish. Everyone is trying to get the best fish at the same time. If more than one player wants the same card from the display, this fish is spoiled and goes on the discard pile.

If someone has collected three specimens of two species, they can all score. However, the “dog element” should not be ignored beforehand. The squid cards may be used to steal cards from the other players. 

The chaotic and family-friendly game is suitable for 2-6 fast-reacting cats from the age of 6 and has a playing time of around 20 minutes. The suggested retail price is €22.

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