Away with the magic sword, here with the dice! He-Man and the Masters are currently experiencing a cross-channel revival: toys, series, board games and now a pen-and-paper RPG will ensure Grayskull adventures more intensely in the coming months than they have been for a long time. The role-playing game is based on the Cortex game system, which was successfully financed by Kickstarter in 2017.

Role players will soon be able to slip into the heroic boots of He-Man, Man at Arms and Co. to save the kingdom of Eternia from ruin again - this time with pen, paper and dice and probably an app. Fandom and Mattel team up to release an RPG based on the legendary series from the 198s.

With the power of W10, I have the power!

There is not much more than the possibility to register for the newsletter on the official website to the new RPG "Legends of Grayskull - The Masters of the Universe". And yet the page with its few lines of text provides some information. The role-playing game should revolve around the central elements of tabletop RPGs, but also include a digital part. In addition, a community platform will be launched at the start of the game, through which fans can share their adventures with others and even play together around the world.

Responsible for the implementation is Fandom, the makers behind the Dungeons and Dragons tool "D&D Beyond". The new He-Man role-playing game is based on the "Cortex Prime" game system, which was funded via Kickstarter in 2017 and could motivate around 2.700 supporters to participate there with its concept as a "modular, multi-genre" role-playing game. Let's develop the RPG with the official license to "Masters of the Universe", which is still held by Mattel.

Players will be able to create heroes and villains from the Masters of the Universe universe, as well as wield iconic weapons from the franchise. The He-Man role-playing game is scheduled for release in 2021. The announcement of the role-playing game is the next step in the new life cycle of the 80s comic brand, which includes a Netflix series and a Masters of the Universe board game by CMON appears.

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