Surviving the Aftermath: New Alliances is available now for PC. Released with the expansion is the Forgotten Tracks Radio Pack featuring themed tracks from the lost artists of the Wasteland.

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios today released New Alliances, the first expansion for survival colony builder Surviving the Aftermath. This expansion builds on the gameplay features of the world map and allows players to unite a post-apocalyptic society by allying together various colonies surviving in the Wasteland. New Alliances is available now for PC at a suggested retail price of $14,99. The Forgotten Tracks Radio Pack is also now available for EUR 3,99 (RRP).

settle across borders

Surviving the Aftermath: New Alliances goes beyond the confines of player settlement, allowing them to influence and collaborate with other societies in new ways. They help others construct new buildings or support them in other ways when they ask for help. Cooperation is more important than ever as the Wasteland has become more dynamic and hostile.

Bandits and dangerous creatures move around the world map and react to player actions, invading strategically important places and even raiding settlements. There is also greater danger on the horizon, as a powerful new faction stands ready to subjugate anyone not strong enough to resist. Specialists can perform covert missions and influence the balance of power through sabotage, theft, espionage and propaganda. Failure has dire consequences, but the reward is worth the risk. Players must unite the wasteland, the future rests on their shoulders.

“The dynamic world map in New Alliances allows our players to get creative when it comes to collaborating with other societies. This expands the Surviving the Aftermath experience beyond the colony and adds another layer of strategy to the wasteland,” explains Lasse Liljedahl, Game Director of Surviving the Aftermath.

“Player feedback has been critical to improving Surviving the Aftermath gameplay, as our community has been instrumental in tweaking new features and mechanics. New Alliances is adding features that players have been asking for, and we will continue to listen to our community for future content updates.”

Surviving the Aftermath: New Alliances Key Features:

  • Together we are strong: Players meet different societies and support their demands to win their loyalty and improve their own colonies with more than 12 new buildings. Positive interactions with other societies increase player reputation. However, if they don't live up to their expectations, they will join their new rival, who will then gain more control over the wasteland.
  • New enemies in a dynamic world map: Bandits and beasts roam the wasteland, requiring protection for the settlement and allied settlements. Bandit groups terrorize survivors and take over key locations. Players must take care to defend and support other societies by trading and constructing new buildings whenever possible. An extension of the user interface allows to manage every single step to unify the wasteland. 
  • Covert Missions: Designing a new world is not always easy. While collaboration is important, leaders can also influence society in more subtle ways. Sabotage, theft, espionage, and even propaganda become important tools in the arsenal, and the Specialists' skills affect the likelihood of their mission succeeding. Don't forget the consequences: failure will tarnish players' reputations and give their competitor more control, which may result in retaliation from the targeted corporations.

In addition to the New Alliances expansion, the brand new Forgotten Tracks Radio Pack is now available. It contains two playlists that can be heard via the in-game radio. The extension is available for a suggested retail price of EUR 3,99. The two playlists:

  • Easy Raider Playlist: Players explore the wasteland, gather resources and fight enemies to rocking sounds! The Easy Raider Playlist with 10 tracks and more than 30 minutes of music is every survivor's dream playlist to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Radiant Heart Playlist: The sun sets on the horizon, the sound of an old guitar echoes around the settlement... This is the Survial melody. Players ponder their next move with the Radiant Heart Playlist, 8 tracks featuring the chants of the lost artists of the Wasteland.

Surviving the Aftermath first debuted in Epic Games Store Early Access and Xbox Game Preview during PDXCON in October 2019 and was released to Steam Early Access in October 2020. On November 2021st, 4, the game left Early Access and officially launched on PC, PlayStation 20, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with additional content and gameplay updates. During that time, Iceflake and Paradox have incorporated player feedback into over XNUMX content updates. Features were delivered that expand the world map and colony system, improve combat and introduce additional end-game content that explains the origin of the apocalypse.

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