Independent developer Donkey Crew has announced that the post-apocalyptic, clan-based, nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis will enter Early Access this spring.

Clan struggles for survival

In the video game Last Oasis, the players take on the role of the involuntarily selected nomads of Flotilla. You have to collect resources and build walkers; These woodpunk-inspired ship-like machines are used for traveling, fighting, harvesting and building bases. The walkers are upgradeable and can be equipped with different attachments for different purposes.

The survival MMO Last Oasis appears in Early Access. Image: Donkey Crew
The side facing the sun is a dry wasteland and the other is trapped in eternal ice and darkness. Image: Donkey Crew

At the highest level, clan warfare involves multiple walkers with players on either side. Large amounts of resources are destroyed during the Clan Wars, so players must carefully consider what and when to attack. Over time, clans will develop alliances and hostilities. There will be times of peace, times of global war and constant player development.

Thousands of years in the future, after a cataclysmic event stopped the Earth's rotation and destroyed the Moon, the planet has split into two extreme and inhospitable environments. The side facing the sun is arid wasteland and the other is trapped in eternal ice and darkness. The only habitable area is the "Twilight Zone", a small strip of land between desert and ice that slowly moves around the earth as the planet revolves around the sun. A day now lasts a year, and to survive, the remnants of humanity have built a gigantic wandering city, Flotilla.

Outside the city, warring clans engage in a merciless struggle for survival, amidst the constant struggle for resources, territories and alliances in this relentless new world. Every day, Flotilla sends both voluntary and involuntary nomads to the passing oases to gather the resources necessary to keep the city moving. Not many return alive.

"In Last Oasis, clan wars fuel the economy, the economy fuels merchants, merchants encourage piracy, pirates encourage mercenaries."

“Everything is designed to be interconnected, players influence other players with their actions, often without knowing it. This leads to a multi-layered, evolving world and real, player-driven stories.”

Florian Hofreither, project manager

Last Oasis will start Early Access in spring 2019. The release date will be announced in the coming weeks. Players can use the Steam page See a full list of features and all the latest updates from the development team.

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