The survival city builder Frostpunk from 11bit Studios, nominated for the BAFTA Award, will be implemented as a board game. 11bit and Glass Cannon announced this at the Guerilla Collective's streaming event. The survival simulation is expected to allow fans to invest their money in the corresponding Kickstarter campaign from autumn 2020.

 Jakub Wiśniewski, co-author of the board game for This War of Mine, had announced the adaptation of Frostpoint as an "analogue game concept". As in the survival sim, the board game will also deal with – sometimes drastic – moral decisions. The plan is to finance the Frostpoint board game via a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter, just like other similar video game board game adaptations.

Frostpunk: Survival Sim as a board game

The basic concept of the video game should also be retained in the board game variant, this particularly applies to the core features of the 11bit title. Interesting: The board game is being implemented by the newly founded Glas Cannon Unplugged studio, whose team is also made up of industry veterans.

One of the experienced minds behind the board game for Frostpunk is Jakub Wiśniewski, the designer who was involved in This War of Mine: The Board Game. Michal Ozon, former COO at Phalanx and the author Adam Kwapinski, who is responsible for board games such as Nemesis and Lords of Hellas, will also be strengthened.


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Up to four players can take part in a game of Frostpunk and direct the fortunes of the colony as the leader of a group of survivors. As with the original, the story is based on a post-apocalyptic scenario. The basic game experience will be "brutal, challenging and complex," the makers promise. Nevertheless, the rules should be easy to learn.

For the team at Glass Cannon Unplugged, emotions and frame of mind are the focus, so that it is probably not uncommon to work with hard decisions. The colonists should not just be part of the board game, but should be the focus of playful interactions. Players will therefore have to decide the fate of their residents, assign them tasks or even outstanding roles. Exciting: As a player you can rule over your colony in different ways: as a tyrant, but also by maintaining law and order.

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