Retailers no longer earn their money just by selling board and card games. Accessories are also increasingly finding their way into shopping bags, especially for passionate game fans. Asmodee now wants to provide gamers with accessories from their "own house" and introduces the new Asmodee studio "Gamegenic", which will focus on the market with accessories for various games and licensed products.

In addition to classic storage boxes, covers, playmats and albums, Gamegenic's portfolio should also include dice sets, Asmodee Germany reports in an official statement today. The management of the new studio, which is directly connected to the Asmodee Group, will be taken over by Adrian Alonso, who wants to use the motto "Ingenious Supplies" - i.e. "inventive accessories" - as the core for the orientation of the future product range.

“Gamegenic will offer well-known and novel accessories, but which always stand out with their unique ideas and special tricks. We develop premium accessories in every price segment and thus appeal to both young players and long-standing collectors. We are very proud to be part of the Asmodee Group and to be able to work directly with a broad portfolio of excellent games and wonderful licenses. "

Adrian Alonso, CEO of Gamegenic

Managing director Adrian Alonso will bring his experience as the previous lead designer behind the Ultimate Guard brand to the projects of the Gamegenic studio, which was founded in May.

The strategic orientation behind the creation of the new studio is clear: In the future, accessories for Asmodee games will also be manufactured and marketed within the Asmodee family. In addition, Gamegenic will be responsible for the "production and development of all accessories for the Asmodee Group," says Asmodee. The corresponding product ranges from Fantasy Flight Games and Blackfire will also be taken over and expanded.

It is not yet known which licenses will be supplied first with accessories from "in-house".

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