Play board games during Corona? How this works, there are now countless tips and tricks on the Internet. Should one even do that? At best with the closest relatives, at least we think. There are now game concepts that are designed to play at a distance: The game forge recently launched the title “Superspreader” into crowdfunding. The card game of skill relies on throwing cards, so it can actually be played with a certain distance to the table - and thus to its opponents. 

The idea for the card game Superspreader came from Kompass Spiele, a young publisher whose portfolio comprises a total of four titles. “Bringing small but nice board games to the people”, that is something like the credo behind the Bonner Mikro-Verlag, whose first game, “The Pathfinder Game”, revolves around the eponymous theme. The demand was big enough to roll out more games - now “Superspreader” should help to be able to play at a distance.

Superspreader: Throw hand cards in a targeted manner

In the card game for two to six players, the element of skill predominates. Superspreader is not a conventional card game: Instead of laying out cards in hand, they have to be thrown onto the table as specifically as possible. In this way it is determined whether your own cards can prevail against others, for which you receive points.

“We wanted to create a game that brings corona deniers / skeptics and corona sensitive / suspicious people together at the same table. Everyone can play, as the distance requirement is included in the rules of the game, ”said the creators of the title. There is a basic idea behind the simple principle that cannot be directly assigned to the entertainment factor. During the corona pandemic, players should be able to play together “at a distance”.

The game should be delivered in May 2021, even if it will probably not be over with “Corona” then, hopefully the acute period of the crisis will be over by this point in time. After all, players would then be prepared for future epidemic crises, even if they would rather do without it. So why is the game “so late”? The simple answer: Kompass Spiele had the idea in the summer, "but we didn't have the time to work on it until autumn, during a two-week quarantine."

How does the skill card game work? This is explained in a video:

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At Kompass Spiele you have been working on your own ideas since 2010 and, like many small publishers, it's primarily about sharing your own enthusiasm for games with others. for Superspreader has been declared a financing target of 3.500 euros, which must be collected by the end of the funding period in mid / late January so that the card game can be implemented.

The first supporters are already participating and investing amounts of 12 or 35 euros. For the last amount you will receive a signed copy and an attribution.


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