It sounds too good to be true: A simple audio setting should improve game performance. This is what Turtle Beach claims to have found in a study with college students. The “Superhuman Hearing” option should enable in-game sounds to be heard more intensely. As a result, players can presumably be able to react better and more purposefully to what is happening in the game. 

Gaming accessories maker Turtle Beach Corporation announced that its exclusive, patented gaming audio setting, Superhuman Hearing, has been shown to significantly improve gaming performance. In a recent study, conducted in partnership with Real Industry, a nonprofit student community, Turtle Beach tested more than 100 college students playing various popular games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnite to see which ones Effects of using
Superhuman has hearing on their gaming performance.

Noise amplification

Turtle Beach's Superhuman Hearing amplifies key in-game sounds like approaching enemy footsteps and nearby weapons reloading, incoming enemy vehicles with reinforcements, and more. The study found that players with Superhuman Hearing enabled increased their average gameplay time by almost 20% and their in-game stats by over 40 percent.

"These latest study results echo our previous findings, which show that Turtle Beach's Superhuman Hearing provides a competitive advantage and allows you to stay in the game longer," said Juergen Stark, chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. “Games are getting more and more competitive and every advantage you can get is important, and Superhuman Hearing brings that advantage to you through accurate audio. With the ability to hear earlier where an enemy is coming from, you are better prepared for the encounter and are more likely to win the blow - and that's why superhuman hearing is more important than ever to serious gamers. "

Superhuman Hearing is a key feature of a wide variety of Turtle Beach and ROCCAT gaming headsets, including Turtle Beach's best-selling Stealth 700 Gen 2 and Stealth 600 Gen 2 wireless headsets for Xbox and PlayStation, and the all-new ROCCAT Syn Pro Air PC -Headset with 3D surround sound. Turtle Beach also recently unveiled the brand new Recon Controller for Xbox, which with Superhuman Hearing offers a host of additional Turtle Beach exclusive features that work with any connected headset.

Study: 100 students gambled for an hour each with and without "Superhuman Hearing"

In May 2021, Turtle Beach and Real Industry hosted a virtual event called the Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing Challenge. More than 100 college gamers from around the country were selected from over 400 applicants, and study participants were invited to test and determine the impact of the company's superhuman hearing audio technology on game performance.

Study participants said they played games like APEX Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Cold War on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The students played for an hour without Superhuman Hearing and documented their results. They then repeated the process with the Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing function activated. Just over half of the participants played their game of choice on Xbox, while 45 percent played on PlayStation.

"When testing the effects of Superhuman Hearing, we wanted to see if Turtle Beach technology gave players an advantage in first-person action games that was actually reflected in the number of opponents defeated and the length of the game," said Humera Fasihuddin, chief Designer, Real Industry. “The results show that most students with Superhuman Hearing turned off had a Kill / Death Ratio (KDR) of 1,9 or less. When Superhuman Hearing is switched on, however, the number of players with a K / D ratio of
4,0 or more more than doubled. KDR is a common metric used in first-person action and battle royale games that measures a player's effectiveness in defeating opposing players. "

Fasihuddin added, “Working with Turtle Beach has been fantastic and after the event the students had the opportunity to speak to key Turtle Beach team members who answered questions about the gaming industry and peripherals, and provided insight into the different areas of gaming -Industry in professional terms. Overall, it was a very informative, impressive and entertaining experience for all the students involved and an action that got everyone excited about possible future career opportunities.

The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing Challenge took part in 78 different colleges, from small private schools to large public schools and everything in between. Participants came from 32 different states, with half of the students enrolled in arts and humanities programs and the other half in STEM subjects.


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