The first joint feature film co-production of ZDF / The Little TV Game with Netflix is ​​currently being made. The film with the working title "Freaks" tells a superhero story from Germany. When a young suburban mother secretly goes off her medication, she discovers that she has strange, supernatural powers.

Freaks: The name says it all

Responsible are the author-director duo Marc O. Seng and Felix Binder as well as the Munich production company lüthje schneider hörl FILM. Both have been associated with the ZDF junior editors since the production of two seasons of the self-deprecating sitcom "Lerchenberg". Subsequently, the book development for "Freaks" started together.

Wendy is a young mother and has to work a lot to stay afloat. One day she discovers that she has superhero skills that have been suppressed by years of drug use. By chance she meets two other superheroes. Although they want to make the world a better place together, they quickly turn out to be a dysfunctional team.

Wendy is so preoccupied with her newfound skills that she is increasingly neglecting her family. Her husband begins to believe that she is cheating on him - with Elmar, one of her superhero companions. Elmar has feelings for Wendy, but after she has given him a basket, he uses his powers against the people. As events escalate, Wendy realizes it is time to take action.

The editorial staff on ZDF are Claudia Tronnier and Alexandra Staib. A broadcast date on ZDF has not yet been set.

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