Super Mario will soon be made out of LEGO. This emerges from a communication recently published by LEGO and Nintendo. Accordingly, a new product line will be introduced, which is about Nintendo's popular super plumber. Even better than the information about the partnership is the announcement of the release date of LEGO Super Mario: the new kits should appear in 2020.

In modern German, the partnership between the two company giants would probably be described as "the next big thing". Block company LEGO and Nintendo join forces for a new product line. Two powerful licenses collide: those for the Lego building blocks and those for Super Mario. Nintendo is thus strengthening the merchandise segment with one of its strongest brands - and will probably find the ideal partner in LEGO. Similar collaborations, such as between Activision-Blizzard and Lego, have already shown that "video game building sets" are extremely well received by fans.

LEGO Super Mario is coming later this year

The two companies that stand for game innovations are reinterpreting the building block game as part of their collaboration and creating interactive, physical game worlds in which fans can interact, i.e. play, with the popular video game hero Super Mario. The new Lego Super Mario product line is due to appear in the current year 2020.

With Lego Super Mario, the video game world can be experienced in a completely different way: Mario becomes tangible as an interactive figure in the physical building block world. The game idea is even based closely on the digital template: Analogous to the popular video game series, the Lego Mario collects coins - then in game levels built from Lego bricks. Part of the new game experience should also always be new challenges as well as actively designed and self-built levels and play options.

A video shows the first indications of what fans can expect from the product line, which will be released in the course of 2020:


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The content shown in the video is probably aimed primarily at children. However, it can be assumed that older Mario or Nintendo fans will also buy the new kits as collector's items.

We're absolutely thrilled to bring Mario into the physical world through our interactive, collaborative LEGO game.
Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, EVP of the Lego Group

Goldin also believes that the new game design will enable millions of children to interact with Mario in a unique way and to be creative with their favorite hero. A highlight of the new product line is the seamless integration of the latest digital technology to create a particularly interactive and collaborative gaming experience.

Takashi Tezuka has always loved Lego products and how they help children develop their imaginations through play. Tezuka is a board member and game developer at Nintendo: “The new product that we have developed together with the LEGO Group combines two different ways of playing. On the one hand, the world of Mario can be built and designed completely freely, on the other hand, Mario can be played in exactly this self-created world.

There is no exact release date for Lego Super Mario yet. However, it is mentioned several times that the kits will appear in 2020. 

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