The Summer Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons hits July 30th and brings fireworks and journeys to the Land of Dreams into play. It's the second summer content patch and it's free too. Also practical: thanks to the new service for island backup and restoration of data, players can restore island paradises believed to be lost.

The Life Sim Animal Crossing: New Horizons made an excellent debut on the Nintendo Switch. And the developers do everything to ensure that it stays that way in the long term. In any case, there is no trace of the dreaded summer slump: Nintendo is now rolling out the second free summer update and not only adding colorful fireworks and slumber land to the game, but also a helpful service for subscribers to the Online service Nintendo Switch Online.

Animal Crossing: Recovering Lost Data

Everything is calm, the waves rolling gently on the beach. And suddenly a multitude of glittering, colorful fireworks light up the starry sky. Islanders can experience this spectacle with the new summer update in August in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which ends the summer with weekly fireworks. A trailer shows what this can look like:


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The fireworks light up the night sky over the islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons every Sunday from 19:XNUMX p.m. So it is a temporary but recurring event. When the time comes, fans should take advantage of the moment: players will then have the opportunity to buy tickets with Sternis on the fairground and win various seasonal items. More from the gimmick category: players can give the fireworks a personal touch thanks to their own design patterns.

Trips to the land of dreams are also new. With the release of the new summer update, slumber now allows fans to start the journey as soon as they take a nap in the bed of their house. This clarification is important because it actually only applies to homeowners. So if you don't have a permanent roof over your head, you should convert your tent into a house in order to be able to use this new function.

While sleeping, Serenada invites all islanders to visit other islands. With a "slumber address" you can share your own island with others. Exciting: Nothing in a dream lasts, so you can explore and change everything to your heart's content. This is multiplayer content. A Nintendo Account and a membership with “Nintendo Switch Online” are required for this dreamy gaming fun.

Homeowners can take a trip to the land of dreams. Copyright: Nintendo

Homeowners can take a trip to the land of dreams. Copyright: Nintendo

The new service for island backup and recovery of island data will then also be available to members of Nintendo Switch Online. If you activate it, you can upload game data to the Internet at certain times. With these, the island paradise can be restored if the Nintendo Switch console is lost, damaged or stolen. In the event of a disaster, Nintendo support will help to save the data and thus the islands - the game can then be continued from this point. The island backup exists independently of the save data cloud function that is available for other Nintendo Switch games.

A special function it Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Allows users to transfer their data to other systems, should follow in the course of the year. Nintendo has already announced this, but will not provide further information until a later date. And: Those who have survived the summer can continue with the next free content update in autumn.

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