A breeze of sensation is blowing through the social media: According to a tweet by Roger Craig Smith, there is a possibility that a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight is currently in development. But not only Smith's tweet suggests this assumption, but the subsequent communication with a "companion".

The Batman: Arkham series could actually continue. This assumption is suggested by tweets from Roger Craig Smith and Ryan Galletta, who chatted about a "non-existent, secret project" on the short message platform. If you include the statements of the two, their professional backgrounds, it becomes clear that there is a high probability that a successor to Batman: Arkham Knight could be realized in the near future.

"The cat will be let out of the bag soon"

Rumors of a successor to Batman: Arkham Knight have been around for a long time, but there are no indications of actual confirmation. Now a short conversation between Roger Craig Smith, Ryan Galletta and Gary Miereanu has caused an earthquake of anticipation among fans who want a new part from the Batman franchise.

Several pieces of evidence suggest that a successor is in the works: Roger Craig Smith is directly linked to the Batman franchise. As a voice actor, he has already set Batman to music in Arkham: Origins. A few days ago he had already published that ironic tweet in which he - after a series of negations - spoke of not working on a video game.

He couldn't talk about it anyway, so as not to violate an NDA for a project that doesn't actually exist. He didn't have to either, because new statements from Ryan Galletta and Gary Miereanu caused the rumor cauldron to overflow. As a writer, Galletta had previously worked on Arkham: Origins, the project in which Smith was also instrumental. He responded via Twitter that he "can't talk about the secret, non-existent project we're working on." i.e. Red: Smith and Galletta] don't work together".

The fact that both now seem to be going together again makes vague assumptions at least a little more concrete. The announcement of a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight is also made more likely by the fact that Warner's Gary Miereanu speaks up: "Your spokesman thanks you," he introduces. Then: "And promises that we'll soon let the cat out of the bag."

Even if it all sounds very cryptic, the mere fact that Ryan Galletta is involved in the secret project almost proves that it will be a video game. As an author, he specializes in this. Galletta worked on Company of Heroes and Need for Speed, among others. While it could basically be any video game, Warner Bros. Entertainment holds the top license to Batman.

Rumors of a successor to Batman: Arkham Knight have been around for a long time - there was also talk of "Batman: Arkham Crisis". So far there is no concrete information about a follow-up project. Image: Warner / Rocksteady

Rumors of a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight have been around for a long time - among other things, "Batman: Arkham Crisis" was discussed. So far, however, there is nothing concrete about a successor project. Image: Warner/ Rocksteady



The combination of all the evidence suggests that a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight is not only in the works, but that the project status is advanced enough that more information could be released "soon".

In any case, according to a tweet from Sefton Hill, the development studio Rocksteady is “working hard on the next big project”. The game producer announced this in the run-up to E3, which Rocksteady had decided not to attend. While this remains a mystery as to what the team is actually working on, based on recent tweets, it could be a new installment in the Batman franchise.

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