Santorini gets a modern offshoot. The game is moved from the Greek islands to the mega-metropolis: Santorini New York is what comes out of this idea in the end. The successor to the much-praised board game should appear this year.

The title of the board game could hardly have been crazier. Santorini got its name from the island in the south of the Cyclades, now Spin Master simply adds "New York" and turns the trip to Greece into a trip to the Big Apple. Even the naming shows: That The topic of this board game is basically completely irrelevant, it's about the mechanics. No shortcoming, because from a technical point of view, Santorini worked wonderfully - and it will hardly be any different with the new offshoot.

Santorini - New York attracts newcomers again

Instead of pulling up neat white houses with striking blue roofs as in Santorini, players are building skyscrapers and multi-storey residential and commercial buildings in the successor Santorini New York. Again workers are sent across the board to build up buildings level by level. Role cards determine the order in which players are allowed to act. Because the cards have to be discarded afterwards, you should always reconsider the use. The winner is the one who reaches the third level of a building with a work while the Statue of Liberty is in his possession. So there are some changes to the predecessor.

Players must own the Statue of Liberty to win - this is new. Image rights: Spin Master

Players must own the Statue of Liberty to win - this is new. Image rights: Spin Master

Santorini New York is the second installment in the series. After the game's author, Gordon Hamilton, self-published the game on a small scale, Santorini caught the attention of the masses when publishers Roxley Games and Spin Master stepped in. The board game was certainly helped by the high recognition value of the material. In contrast to its predecessor, Santorini New York will be playable with up to five house builders. The successor title will also be more aimed at beginners - this can probably be predicted due to the basic idea that has remained essentially the same.

Santorini New York is expected to appear in the fall of this year.

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