David Turczi, author of the board games Anachrony and Kitchen Rush, has successfully funded his Excavation Earth project through Kickstarter - the remaining “stretch goals” are now up to April 29th. Excavation Earth sends players to earth in the role of aliens to unearth human artifacts, which can then be used to make big profits on the extraterrestrial art market.

Wacky alien theme, that's how you could describe the idea behind the setting that David Turczi came up with for the Excavation Earth board game, which is currently on Kickstarter as CrowdfundingCampaign is running. With the post-apocalyptic worker placement board game Anachrony, Turczi landed a considerable success in 2017, now it's again about sci-fi, albeit in a rather idiosyncratic design. By the way: Excavation Earth is also published via Mindclash Games.

Almost a classic: looking for artifacts - but with an alien trick

The earth has long been deserted, the last remnants of human civilization are rare - so rare that aliens see valuable art objects in them. The premise is turned off: Players slip in the footsteps of extraterrestrial collectors who don't want to find art for their private collection, but rather to make a lot of cash with it. In order for this to be successful at Excavation Earth, the right time for the sale must be timed - as is typical for a board game. Therein lies the art of extraterrestrial art sales.

Two to four players can take part. The Turczis new board game does not only appeal to professionals: the rules can be learned in less than a quarter of an hour, then you can try it out for the first time. The process seems simple: choose the alien race, of course including special skills; Draft for the first actions and movements and then travel to different excavation sites on earth to get hold of different colored artifact sets.

As is well known, there is no arguing about taste: Beckoning cats are extremely popular objects in extraterrestrial art collectors. Image: Mindclash Games

As is well known, there is no arguing about taste: Beckoning cats are extremely popular objects in extraterrestrial art collectors. Image: Mindclash Games

Then it is a matter of bringing the artifacts among the buyers who are active in the marketplace in a random occupation. The colors determine who is interested in what. So yellow buyers look for yellow artifacts, blue buyers look for blue works of art, and so on. There are also “jokers” who basically buy whatever trash you try to sell them.

The trick: each player controls several exploration teams, so that tactical movement maneuvers come into play. Because the artefact colors are of different value, a race for the most lucrative resources ensues. Even the dumbest alien will now be able to guess how to win the game: just make the most money.

Also interesting: a variant for 1 to 2 players of Excavation Earth will be made available to all backers as print-and-play during the course of the campaign.

Working with David Turczi on Excavantion Earth Wai-yee, she was involved in Pocket Dungeon and Gordon Calleja, the head behind Vengeance. the Kickstarter campaign runs until April 29th, however, has already successfully reached the financing goal - around 650 backers have invested almost 38.000 euros so far. Excavation Earth is due to appear in November 2020. Asmodee will be responsible for localization in Germany.

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