After Monster Lands, it is the second crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for the independent publisher Second Gate Games: Cactus Town. Within around 15 hours, supporters have raised the title to the financing goal, now it's a matter of unlocking the last stretch goal that is already within reach. The price is likely to be an advantage: there are fans at 25 euros, and shipping is a bearable seven euros.

The crowdfunding campaign for Cactus Town is still running on Kickstarter until October 20th. The goal has long been achieved, and fans have now set their sights on the last remaining stretch goal: around 2.000 euros are missing, then a bounty hunter standee is added. It is likely that the goal will be breached. So far, over 68.000 fans have pumped around 1.300 euros into the Western board game.

Cactus Town: Asymmetrical with a Wild West theme

Cactus Town is an asymmetrical board game for two to four players - and plenty of action, if you like to believe Second Gate Games. The independent game makers from Spain are probably not promising too much: already Monster Lands, the publisher's first Kickstarter based in Barcelona, ​​was extremely successful. The title generated around 400.000 US dollars at the time.

The different language versions that Second Gate Games offers for the board game should also be an advantage: Despite the English title, Cactus Town is available in German, French and Spanish - each with fully localized material. The set of rules is also available in other languages. The makers are targeting a large target group: a plan that seems to be working.

Cards and tokens are standard equipment in Cactus Town. Image rights: Second Gate Games

Cards and tokens are standard equipment in Cactus Town. Image rights: Second Gate Games

Another advantage: the crisp playing time of only around 15 minutes per player. Cactus Town could therefore turn out to be the ideal entry-level title for the asymmetrical board game genre. Each party pursues its own individual game goals and uses unique skills. In the medium term, this should ensure sufficient motivation. In order to use the skills, players display cards, which are then resolved in reverse order. This is exactly one of the biggest challenges in Cactus Town: It's about thinking your way into your opponents and guessing their moves. Players move their miniatures over a 5x5-error game board and then do what cowboys, bounty hunters or law enforcement officers do in the Wild West: plunder, steal horses or fight duels.

At 25 euros, Cactus Town is comparatively affordable. If you prefer a more lavishly equipped version, you can choose to invest around 50 euros and receive some deluxe components, such as Custom Dice or the aforementioned miniatures, which are replaced by Standees in the standard version. Also available as part of the campaign on Kickstarter is a Sioux expansion that brings another faction into play.

The Kickstarter campaign for Cactus Town of Second Gate Games runs until October 20th.


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