The Nintendo Switch is of course not more powerful than the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, but that does not change the popularity of the hybrid console. Nintendo had already exceeded the limit of 50 million sold consoles with the Switch in December 2019; this makes the hybrid game console more successful than the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. A temporary shortage on the console market made it clear: the Nintendo Switch continues to be extremely successful. This is now also underlined by the sales figures reported from Great Britain. According to an industry expert from, the Nintendo Switch sold as often as all Playstation and Microsoft consoles combined, including the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series, in the past year.

With the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese games giant had met the ravages of time. The move away from pure computing power towards innovation was not only courageous, but also extremely successful. On the entrepreneurial side, the hybrid console is proving to be a real gold mine, which does not seem to be exhausted for a long time. The first-party titles also make a significant contribution to the success of the console. The combination of solid hardware and strong games brands has always worked for Nintendo. Gamesindustry's Christopher Drin now supports the success stories with information from the UK.

Sales figures prove the console's success

According to the expert, the Nintendo Switch sold as well as the competing consoles from Sony and Microsoft combined. No numbers are given, but that doesn't matter - it's about the signal behind such a message. In a country where the Playstation and Xbox are otherwise strong, the success of the Nintendo Switch is worth even more than in other markets traditionally occupied by Nintendo products, such as Japan.

Nintendo is again as dominant on the console market as seldom before. But that's not all: some analysts expect the success story to continue into 2021. The Nintendo Switch will then enter its fourth year on the market.

Above all, the prophecies about another successful year make one sit up and take notice in view of the increased competition from Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Apparently, some analysts expect that Nintendo will prevail with the Switch despite weak hardware against the power consoles - this is probably also due to the never-ending rumors about a revised version of the Nintendo Switch. A dataminer recently stated that in the files of the current firmware updates found corresponding information to have.

Add to this the persistent delivery delays for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. The new generation of consoles has been running since November 2020, and players are often still waiting for their pre-ordered consoles. Sony and Microsoft cannot catch up with the Nintendo Switch as quickly as they should. Microsoft recently stated that the starting signal for mass production - and thus sufficient delivery quantities - will be seen sometime in the summer; at Sony it should look at least similar. So if Nintendo can keep production at a stable level, that would give the company a noticeable advantage. The Nintendo Switch is selling steadily, not by leaps and bounds. A new focus on advertising is also expected, should a “Nintendo Switch Pro” actually appear later this year.

Another reason for speculation is the still mysterious Nintendo year 2021. Not much is known about new releases at the moment, although some strong brands, for example Zelda or Metroid, are definitely in development. It is possible that Nintendo is preparing for an offensive marketing phase and is therefore keeping a low profile with vague publications.

In addition: Even if 2021 is not supposed to be the top year for the Nintendo Switch, the next twelve months will probably be good in any case.

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