The German games market grew by six percent last year. According to this, industry players turn over around 6,2 billion euros. Especially providers of online services such as Xbox Live, Playstation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online benefit: over five million users in Germany pay for such subscriptions. This is also evident from the data published by the Association of the German Games Industry. 

There are more and more of them and almost every well-known corporation is already relying on it: online services for which monthly fees are charged. Services such as Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch Online or Playstation plus are now more than just a nice gimmick, they are almost mandatory for ambitious console gamers.
That publishers have also caught up with players Subscriptions Making it palatable is therefore hardly surprising: EA Access or Uplay + are two of the popular services that players can use to access a constantly growing game library. In addition, there are cloud services such as Google Stadia, which are different and want to be innovative, but not in terms of fees - the providers keep it classic.

Users spend over 450 million euros on online services

The sales figures from 2019 show that such services are still popular. According to game, the federal association of the German games industry, providers with online services were able to turn over around 461 million euros. This corresponds to an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year, in which sales were 383 million euros, but at this point they had already increased explosively by 97 percent and had almost doubled. The analysis is based on data from the market research company GfK based on surveys by GfK, the GfK Consumer Panel and App Annie

The costs for subscription services are between four and fifteen euros per month, depending on the provider. A total of around 2019 million players paid for the paid online services in 5,1; an increase of around 300.000, in 2018 there were still 4,8 million.

Permanent access to and use of games is becoming more of a priority compared to buying a single title.
Felix Falk, game managing director

More and more gamers are discovering paid online services with which they can get a large selection of the latest top titles, services and discounts for a monthly fee, sums up game managing director Felix Falk. The growth can also be understood as an indication of the change in the German games market.

Falk is looking to the future of gaming. Especially with computationally intensive blockbuster titles Cloud gaming services interesting for players. For a manageable, but above all calculable fee, gamers get access to powerful hardware without having to own it, let alone buy it. "This is where all essential calculations take place in data centers, which is why the players themselves no longer need particularly powerful hardware," says Felix Falk. "There is a lot going on in this young market segment that we will hear about in the future."

Services such as Microsoft's Game Pass - now available for Xbox and PC - are very popular:


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With a turnover of over six billion euros, the German games market has developed positively. Users spent around 3,9 billion euros on software and online services. The rest, and thus around 2,4 billion euros, was accounted for by PC hardware and consoles, both including accessories.

While sales in software rose by around eleven percent, the hardware segment recorded a decline of two percent. This may also be due to the long approaching transition to the new generation of consoles. Later this year, the Playstation 5 as the Xbox Series X two power consoles appear that are likely to continue to drive market growth.

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