As Microsoft announced, a study carried out by Opinium in December of last year revealed members of the Xbox Game Pass as particularly social gamers. Accordingly, they would be more likely to play games with friends or family. The survey sample was qualified by around 14.000 gamers. 

Opinium interviewed 2.000 gamers in Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Germany. They were between 16 and 40 years old and played video games at least once a month. One of the results: Members of the Xbox Game Pass are among the most social gamers in Germany. Compared to non-members, they were more likely to play with friends (16 percent more likely) or family (19 percent more likely).

Xbox Game Pass has over 18 million members

A new study by Xbox shows that German gamers use the Xbox Game Pass to stay connected. Compared to non-members, members are more likely to meet friends and family regularly through games
make a date. Xbox Game Pass recently passed the 18 million member mark worldwide.

A new study with 2.000 gamers based in Germany provides information on how gamers rate and use subscription services for their entertainment. The study shows that over half (58 percent) of gamers in Germany play multiplayer games online at least once a week. That number is increasing among Xbox Game Pass members, who are generally more social and diverse in their choice of games. In addition, they play multiplayer games online significantly more often (16 percent more likely) - this also applies to online multiplayer with family (19 percent more likely) or with friends (16 percent more likely).

The study also shows that entertainment subscriptions are an integral part of everyday life. 92 percent of gamers in Germany use a comparable subscription that offers access to films, TV, music and more. 63 percent of those surveyed also have an active gaming subscription. If one looks at the frequency with which German gamers consume different content via subscription services, the following distribution emerges: Two thirds state that they watch films / TV at least once a week (65 percent). More than half of the participants also stated that they listened to music (56 percent) through a subscription. Gaming subscriptions
are still quite new. But if you look at the level of commitment, they are hot on the heels of the established entertainment subscriptions.

Xbox Game Pass members play more often with friends and family. Image: Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass members play more often with friends and family. Image: Microsoft

Almost half (46 percent) of German gamers already play games via a subscription service at least once a week. In the group of European Xbox Game Pass users, as many as 75 percent say they play games through a subscription service at least once a week. “Gaming has the special power to bring people together. Xbox Game Pass plays a valuable role for many people in Europe - who use gaming to keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis," commented Ryan Cameron, EMEA Director at Xbox.

According to the study, the main reason for German gamers to sign up for a new subscription service is first and foremost access to a wide variety of content - regardless of whether it is games or another entertainment offer. 48 percent state that a wide range of offers is the main reason for signing up for a new subscription service. Other important reasons are an easy set-up process (44 percent) and immediate access to new content as soon as it is published (48 percent).

In the Xbox Game Pass there are currently over 100 game titles from different genres, including triple A productions, but also indie games. Meanwhile, subscribers to the service can also access a wide range of cloud gaming features. Exciting: According to the study, the favorite genres of German gamers are action-adventure, shooter and platformer.

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