Streets of Rage 4, the sequel to the popular retro game series, has now been downloaded over 1,5 million times. This is announced by the publisher and co-developer Dotemu together with the co-developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games. And that's not all: the makers of the homage to the Nineties-Klopper have also donated a new patch.

Stroll through 2D environments to the hip electro-rhythms and beat up gangsters: this simple and ingenious game principle worked perfectly around 25 years ago - and the idea still attracts hundreds of thousands of fans today. According to the developers and publishers, Streets of Rage 4 has already been downloaded more than one and a half million times. To celebrate this vigorously, the creators have released a new patch that turns around 80 screws.

Streets of Rage 4: New patch improves Axel

With Streets of Rage 4, Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games seem to have hit a nerve with gamers. The homage to bygone times is not only well received by fans, but also proves to be a successful title in terms of play. In our Review is Streets of Rage 4 in any case got away very well. The makers are happy about the success, which can even be measured in download numbers.

“We couldn't be happier with the consistently positive feedback on Streets of Rage 4. We thank the fans who supported the game from day one - many of the updates in the patch increase the replay value for the people who were there from the start, ‟explains Cyrille Imbert, Executive Producer of Streets of Rage 4. Additional update on Streets of Rage 4 are already in production.

Old versus new: The pixelated characters are also included as an encore. Image rights: Dotemu

Old versus new: The pixelated characters are also included as an encore. Image rights: Dotemu

Streets of Rage 4 revives the series of yore. After a 25-year hiatus, fighters return to the screen, including Axel, who gets a little more punch with the new update: his movement speed has been increased and the recovery time between moves and attacks has been reduced. The result: more banging in less time. As if that weren't enough, Cherry has also been adapted. Her combo flying punch is now "completely invincible," according to the announcement. Also handy: Specials and starting move can break any hit-stun states.

What the developers have made of the outdated series, playfully withstands the demands of modern gamers. The title is not a warmed up offshoot, but a real continuation of the series and includes new and returning fighters, hand-drawn graphics, brand new combat skills and mechanics, unlocks for retro pixel characters, and a soundtrack that pays homage to the sound and style that made the original games so popular at the time.

Streets of Rage 4 has been released for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The title is also part of the Xbox Gamepass, which should have contributed a not inconsiderable part to the success.

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