Capcom has let the Ryu out of the bag: Street Fighter 6 has been officially announced - finally, because rumors about the game have been around for a long time. The cult fighting game series has existed for 35 years now, but many of the protagonists hardly notice it.  

Ryu, Guile, Chun-li and Co have been battling each other across the screens of this world for 35 years: the martial arts specialists have hardly aged. The Street Fighter series, on the other hand, has changed significantly, especially visually. There is one consistent factor though: the line-up of the fighters. This is escape and blessing at the same time. Some fans always look forward to the return of the well-known beating experts, others are annoyed by the roster recycling. Nevertheless, Street Fighter set standards with every new release – with part 6 it will be no different, at least fans of the cult “Beat'em up” series hope.

Countdown is gone, teaser is here

Given the rumor mill that had been brewing for years, the surprise was no longer that great when Capcom's countdown ended and the teaster trailer for Street Fighter 6 flickered across the displays. The anticipation for the next part of the main series is not less. The first part of the fighting game series was released in 1987, initially on the in-house "Capcom Play System" in arcades. Then success came: in the meantime, people are beating on PCs, consoles and handhelds.

Street Fighter hasn't lost its appeal over the years. Many fans from back then play, no: still beat them up today. At least one well-known martial arts specialist is on Street Fighter 6: Ryu, who is now half bodybuilder, half karateka. Also on display: Luke, who only found his way into the game with Street Fight 5 – and there with the Season 5 Character Pass.

In any case, Capcom confirmed the rumors about the ongoing development of Street Fighter 6 with the release of the teaser. Capcom only announced more information via Twitter for the summer of 2022. Fans who were hoping for an early release of Street Fighter 6 might be disappointed, after all, the release was already expected in 2021. Problems with the development obviously scattered the plans. After all, so far, the waiting time has always been worth it. Capcom delivered with every part of the main series.

Neither Capcom nor the trailer give a release date. According to rumors, Street Fighter 6 is in development for PC and the last-gen and next-gen consoles, namely: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. This will particularly please Xbox fans who at least have to do without the current fifth part of the beating game series, which was only released for PS4 and PC.

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